IWCKL visits their adopted village, Kampong Jong


Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur

9 August 2022


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On 7th August 2022, 22 members of the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur (IWCKL), headed by President Jinny Lum made a 4-hour journey to Kampung Jong, Pahang to view the fruits of their 2-year labour. The village is only accessible through a 7-km dirt road. The ladies were warmly welcomed with a weaved headgear each.


Kampung Jong has about 38 Orang Asli families of the Jakun tribe. Their main source of income comes from rubber tapping. Many also have little plots of land on which they farm for food supplies.

IWCKL has been helping them with the know-how and seedlings on Sustainable Farming. The farm produce helps them to save on food expenses. This savings enables them to buy materials such as bricks to build their houses. Many of their farms are now thriving.


Lunch of Texas Chicken was sponsored by Datin Regina Tan for all the families and the ladies. Past President (PP) Foong Pack gave a demonstration on the correct method in brushing of teeth. The huge poster was sponsored by the Dental Academy of Malaysia. The children looked so endearing with their toothy grins and all eager to get going.


Then it was gifts galore! Goody knapsacks for the children with hygiene products, colouring books inside. Other gifts include Tee-shirts, IKEA cups, pre-loved clothes, new shoes, sweets, soft toys, buns for the villagers, white board, marker pens, DVD discs for children, educational toys and 2 pre-loved children’s bicycles.


PP Lynn Wong assisted the elderly folks with the fitting of spectacles that she had brought. There was a demonstration by the ladies on how to make lanyards from old cotton tees. The Kit and the idea are from EKHA, an outfit from Langkawi which aims to promote Zero Waste. This could be an additional source of income for the womenfolk.


The members were brought for a tour of the farms. The villagers are ever so grateful for the 14 wells IWCKL helped build, also the pumps and water tanks which were sponsored. Now they no longer have issues with poor or unclean water supply for their household and irrigation needs, even in times of drought.


Another project which they benefitted from are the solar-powered lamps provided by IWCKL which are their only source of light for their homes and streets. The barbed wires sponsored by IWCKL also helped tremendously in keeping wild boars from damaging their farms. President Jinny sponsored a huge plaque which will be given a place of honour right at the entrance of Kampung Jong.


This huge Service-cum-Water Project would not have been possible if not for the extreme generosity of the members of the Club. This was initiated during PP Caylize Ong-Sabado’s term, so our heartfelt thanks go to her too. Most of all, the credit must go to Past National Representative Juanita Lee and Mr John Chin, a true friend of IWCKL, without whose dogged determination, this Project would not have seen this much success.


Members of IWCKL can one day look back with pride to see how this Project has empowered and uplifted not only a few families, but the whole village of Kampung Jong. The Club has been working wonders for quite a while now and will continue to do so this term.


~ LEE Lan Mee