Trip to Taiping Zoo


Inner Wheel Club of Taiping

11 August 2022


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On 11th August 2022 when members of the Inner Wheel Club of Taiping (IWC Taiping) treated 29 students from the Ladang Getah Tamil School in Trong, Perak accompanied by three teachers, to a fun-filled visit to the Taiping Zoo, a zoological park located at the proximity of Bukit Larut, Perak.


The day started with the children being treated to a light breakfast; each child was also given a goodie bag and briefed on the do' s and don'ts of the visit. No feeling is more gratifying than seeing children jump for joy, their faces lighting up with the brightest of smiles and their eyes wide open in wonder. This feeling was exactly what President Harvinder Kaur, Project Coordinator Past President G.Pushavalli, Treasurer Harbhajan Kaur, members Kunavathy and Doris Cheah of Inner Wheel Club (WC Taiping experienced lately.

Even before the visit started, sounds of excitement reverberated in the air as it was the children’s first visit  as they wondered aloud what the visit had in store for them.


As the trams ferried the children around the 36-acre zoo, it was totally obvious that they could not contain their excitement on seeing more than 1,300 different species of animals. “Hey, look, there are elephants”, said one child in wonderment, as another called out to his friends not to miss the majestic lion sitting so proudly in his cage. The children were truly delighted with the opportunity to learn more about the wonders of nature through this visit- something that they had never experienced before.


At the end of the visit, a colouring competition was held, followed by a simple but sumptuous lunch served by Chef Somu. As the day came to an end, the children returned to their homes, each of them in quiet solitude and ever so grateful for this once-in-a-life time adventure for some of them.


IWC of Taiping thanks the school, its Parent-Teacher Association as well as donors, whose generosity made this visit both possible and memorable. It is the term to WORK WONDERS and members realized that they had done exactly that by giving a wondrous chance for the children to visit the zoo, and enhance their knowledge on the unique variety of species in their respective abodes. Indeed, the members themselves learnt so much and felt a deep sense of satisfaction at having brought joy into the lives of the 29 children.

“The best way to discover ourselves is by being of service to others” MK Ghandi


~ Viji Kishen & R. Kunavathy