IWC Penang AGM


Inner Wheel Club of Penang

13 August 2022


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The Inner Wheel Club of Penang (IWC Penang) held an AGM on 13th August, 2022 at Chettiar’s Tiffin Cafe. Thirteen members of the club were present. With a strike of the bell, out-going Secretary Jillian led everyone with the reciting of the poem “Candle of Friendship”.


President Arvind started the ball rolling by giving her Presidential report for the term 2021-2022; followed by the Secretary’s and Treasurer’s reports.  President Arvind then took the opportunity to thank all the out-going committee for a job well done. The new office bearers were introduced next to mark a new chapter of the club as President Arvind holds the torch for the second term.


Moving on to another business, IWC Penang has decided to do some house-keeping on the club’s constitution. Out-going Secretary Jillian was  appointed  to address some changes  or amendments needed pertaining to some clauses in the constitution.


Before giving way to satisfy hunger pangs and savouring the delicious lunch, Faye Ong gave a  vote of thanks on behalf of the ladies to President Arvind and  the out-going committee and at the same time welcomed the new executive committee for the term 2022-2023.


The ladies then let the hair down to singing the birthday song to the lovely birthday girl, Anu. Varieties of Indian food were served for the delicious lunch as the fellowship amongst sisterhood in the club continued.


~ Grace Voon