Webinar on  family wealth & inheritance

“safeguard your legacy”


Inner Wheel Club of Klang

21 August 2022


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Family wealth is the conventional form of wealth which consists of a family's cash, investments, real estate, and business interests. These assets form the foundation of a person’s opportunities, and the means of extending any kind of legacy.


This type of wealth therefore deserves careful attention, proactive planning, and quality investment management. The importance of attending to these details is often ignored.


Ms. Malvesa Malar, Vice President of the Inner Wheel Club of Klang who is a Professional Speaker has 12 years of experience in this field. She emphasized the importance of Family Wealth & Inheritance in a webinar specially organised to bring awareness to this topic.


Nineteen members from Inner Wheel District 330 participated in this one hour talk and benefited from it. IWC Klang’s President Dr. Theyveeka Selvy Rajoo opined that Ms. Malvesa Malar had presented a wonderful topic for discussion which imparted much knowledge and was a real eye- opener especially for the ladies who attended.


~ Karthini Munusamy