Installation on 2nd President Natassha Thambaiya and Office Bearers 2022/2023


Inner Wheel Club of Johor Bahru

27 August 2022


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The Inner Wheel Club of Johor Bahru (IWC JB) held their first ever large-scale event on 27th August 2022 to install their 2nd President Natassha Thambaiya, at Double Tree Hilton. Everyone present, donned very colourful and glamorous outfits adhering to the Bollywood theme.


The evening began with a formal welcome and arrival of the Guest of Honour Immediate Past National Representative (IPNR) Ambika Menon followed by the National and Johor anthems and the Loyal Toasts. Deputy National Representative Datin Dr Ramani Subramaniam raised a toast to International Inner Wheel and gave the audience a brief history of Inner Wheel and an insight into the widespread presence of the Organisation in the world.


The event was also attended by the President of the IWC Petaling Jaya Navarani Veithilingam, President Dr Theyveeka Reddy of IWC Klang, President Aravind Das and Inner wheel members from IWC Penang. IPNR Ambika in her address highlighted the progress made by IWC JB. She mentioned that while Charter President (CP) Sumathi was a proud mother, she was the midwife in the birth of IWC JB. She congratulated President Natassha and her team. Everybody present was then treated to a scrumptious spread of food ranging from starters and main course to a delicious array of desserts.


A slide presentation showcasing the past year’s projects and events was played whilst everybody was enjoying their dinner. This was followed by a performance by a young singer Natalie Ritzmann, daughter of Vice President Amy Nair.


The installation ceremony commenced with a touching address by Charter President Sumathi which was delivered straight from the heart. She recounted her experiences and the journey that finally led her to chartering a club in Johor Bahru. She acknowledged her team who stood by her during her tenure as President. A slideshow prepared by CP Sumathi’s daughter Khirthana presenting the outgoing and incoming team was presented after which, CP Sumathi called upon incoming President Natassha and presented the Presidential Regalia to her.


In her maiden speech as President, President Natassha thanked the members for trusting her with this auspicious office and CP Sumathi for building a strong foundation on which the club stands today. She outlined her goals for her Presidential year and motivated her members to be a part of her journey in which she would like to do meaningful projects to serve the community and increase the club’s membership. She then called upon her committee and presented the badges.


The formal ceremony transitioned into a fun filled night with performances by Natalie and her music teacher Melissa, as well as Lucky draws. The next highlight of the evening was the rendition of Dancing Queen and I’m so Excited by the capable choristers of IWCJB under the guidance of Club member Marlene. They also danced to the popular Hindi song ‘Bole Chudiyan’, taught by Natalie, befitting the Bollywood theme. Everybody present then ignited the dance floor, grooving to the Bollywood numbers chosen by Dr Asha Gayatheri and Mr. Gajanesh Navaratnam, daughter and son- in- law of President Natassha. They also assisted with all the audio video requirements during the event.


The proceedings of the event were deftly managed by the emcee, Vice President Amy, who did a fabulous job ensuring smooth transitions throughout the segments of the events. The closing remarks by Mr. Unnithan who is Secretary Seema’s husband, beautifully summarised the good work done by the club and summoned all men to support ladies in all their endeavours.This event bears testimony to the perseverance and patience of all the members of IWCJB which led to a gratifying and jubilant evening indeed.


~ Seema Unnithan