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District Chairman Ambika Menon
District Chairman 2015-2016 (District 330)

District Chairman 2014-2015, District 330, Datin Dr Ramani Subramaniam

Miss Ambika Panicker is married to Rotarian Past President Ravi Menon of Damansara Rotary Club and hence is known as Ambika  Menon.

She has 2 daughters and a son and is a “GLAM-MA" (glamorous grandma) to 3 grand daughters and a grandson.

Ambika is synonymous with elegance, vibrance, zest, fashion, colour, fun and laughter. She enjoys singing and dancing, reading and writing journals. Each of her grandchildren has a journal of their growing up years written from birth and she is writing and recording even to date. She also writes of her trips abroad and has one on our recent trip to Bangalore for IIW Day.

A teacher by profession, she has served in 13 schools from Kedah to JB and East Coast. She is diligent, meticulous, assertive, warm and friendly. She has served as the National Women’s Chairperson of All Malaysia Malayali  Association for 8 years.

A Past District Treasurer for 2 consecutive years, Ambika was a familiar name with the Rotary Clubs in K. Trengganu, Melaka, Seremban and Kedah. As a Rotary Ann she was responsible for helping Rotarians in putting up entertainment programmes involving Rotary Anns and Rotaractors.

She produced and directed a play that was staged in Alor Setar to raise funds for Tun Hussein Onn Eye Hospital which was being built then. All this was done under the Rotary banner. She was thus involved in many charity projects and her efforts gained her the Pingat Cermerlang Kedah (PCK) from His Royal Highness the Sultan of Kedah. At that time ladies were not admitted into Rotary. Hence their loss was  Inner Wheel’s gain for Ambika was approached  by PIIWBD Jessie Wang , wife of the then Rotary District Governor, John Wang,  to start  the Inner Wheel Club of Seremban. She made Dr Harinder the  Charter President and opted to be the Charter Secretary. But before the club could be chartered she had to move to Johore Bharu.

Ambika later joined the IWC PJ in 1996 and became the 9th President in 2004/2005 when her husband, State Director of Pharmacy, retired and they finally settled in Kuala Lumpur.

District 330 Executive Committee 2015-2016
Clockwise: DISO Datin Shamini, Advisor IIWPBM Datin Joan Salleh, DVC Parimala, DT Peggy, Extension Chairman PDC Datin Seetha, Editor PDISO Swarnalatha, DS Padmini, IPDC Datin Dr Ramani Centre: DC Ambika

From The DC’s Desk

Inner Wheel Logo Tenth Message

District Chairman Ambika MenonHello Ladies,

And now the time has come for me to say goodbye to one and all.

My friends I'll say it clear. I've had such good times with you all here.

My days as DC has been a memorable one and now as I say goodbye.

I say it with a heavy heart.

Well there were times I know I must have, stepped on your toes or on your tails, and even displeased you all with remarks or with words.

But the record shows I am what I am, and to forgive is divine!

(sung to the tune of "My way")

I sang this as I ended my farewell speech, acknowledging my outgoing District Committee members. Yes, I apologise to one and all if during my tenure as DC I have hurt you all in one way or other with my remarks or repartees.

I have done my job to the best of my ability and accomplished what I set out to do. In short, I endeavoured to make you all more committed as Inner Wheel members with a true bond of friendship through interactive meets. Training, Committment, Good Governance, Friendship, Fellowship and Growth were my key words. I am happy that I have been successful in a small way to instil the importance of those key words during my club visits. Instead of wanting to set up new clubs, my primary concern was to strengthen weak clubs by increasing membership and motivating clubs with a majority of Class C members. We should not be afraid to move forward. We should not stagnate in our comfort zone.

In our desire to move forward, the District has undertaken to host the South Asian Rally in March 2017. Countries like India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Dubai fall into this group. It is a big event and we want your whole hearted support for the District and its Incoming District Chairman. Clubs in the Klang Valley could volunteer for administration work while those outstation please make it a point to attend this function which will coincide with our DAGM. The IIW President will be attending along with some members from African and European countries too. Well, what better way to acquaint yourselves with IIW organisation at your door step. So be prepared to rub shoulders with Inner Wheel ladies from abroad and be an Ambassador of our country.

At the end of April, a group of 13 ladies from the Inner Wheel of Lahore West came to Kuala Lumpur. A few of us met up with them. I had the pleasure of meeting their DC Nasira Ateeq District 340. These warm friendly ladies have invited us to visit them. We might take up their offer. Are you all game to visit Pakistan? Will keep you all posted should this happen.

Then came two visitors from Turkey, Aysegul Unugur PNP and President Feliz of IWC Eskisehir, Kulubu, Turkiye. One was an architect and the other, an aeronautical engineer. These lovely ladies too have invited us to Turkey. Well, that is Inner Wheel friendship!

The month of May also holds some sadness for me. We lost two of our members. Dhamini, a member of IWC Penang passed away because of ill health. PP Datin Balbir, a senior member of IWC Kuala Lumpur too left us. We should like to convey our heartfelt condolences to bereaved families.

It has been a great year for me. Being a member of Inner Wheel should make us all feel like being part of a huge family. Friendship should not be an empty word; it is an emotion, a feeling, a sense of belonging, a protective mantle which all of us experience being part of IIW.

So, thank you all once again, my dear friends for giving me this fantastic opportunity to serve as District Chairman. I will never forget the warm welcomes, the smiles, the kindness and friendship showered on me during my tenure. Keep our Friendship always Unique & United.

We are the Ladies of Inner Wheel
Proud and tall we stand
Committed and involved we must be
Fulfilling humanitarian needs

The Ideals of our club we uphold
Friendship and service to one and all
International understanding to others abroad
We work together as a united force

May we bring joy to wipe away sorrow
Giving the needy a better tomorrow
Let's all take a step to spin our wheel
Remembering we are members of Inner Wheel

Unique & United in nature
Race & creed does not matter
We extend our hand in Friendship
And hope it will be received in fellowship

Ambika Menon
District Chairman (2015-2016)

Ninth Message (click to open-close)

Inner Wheel Logo Ninth Message

District Chairman Ambika Menon

Hi Ladies,

Hope all of you have recovered from the District AGM. Looking back, I must say we all had a grrrrrreat time! To all those who missed, please make it a point to attend the next AGM for we in the District are planning a real great time in Kuala Lumpur in 2017.

I have another two more months to go before I hand over my chain of office. I must say, I am proud to be part of this great women’s organisation called Inner Wheel.

As a woman we are
A daughter who serves
A sister who loves
A mother who bears
A friend who cares
A Bestower of life, friendship and trust
A picture of poise, strength and grace
A dreamer, achiever
A winner all along

Let’s give ourselves a clap as we acknowledge:
The phenomenal woman that we are!

Oh yes, how phenomenal we were, especially our performances at the AGM Fellowship Nite! I must say everyone went that extra mile to get the right costumes for the Safari Nite theme. There were monkeys jumping around, lions roaring , tigers roaming, natives swaying to drums, birds chirping, hunters hiding among the leafy decor and tourists with cameras!! Fun, food and laughter reigned that evening with so much fellowship and camaraderie. I noticed that all have improved in their presentation.

The night also saw the announcement of the Creative Writing Contest. We wanted you all to compose a poem that could be turned into a song as we had no Inner Wheel song. Just as we launched this competition, IIW came up with a song. Not wanting to have too many songs, the District decided to leave it as Creative Writing Contest. All the winning entries and submitted poems will be printed in the Newslink.

First Prize: Datin Dr Ramani (IWC Ipoh East)
Second Prize: Datin Teoh Phaik Khim (IWC KL)
Third Prize: Dato’ Lubna Jumabhoy (IWC Penang)

Congratulations to all those who submitted. This clearly showed your confidence in yourself given an opportunity to try your talent.

The DAGM proper was a smooth sail. We did have a discourse on a few issues and everything ended in a good and positive note. The absence of IWC Intan Kuala Lumpur, IWC Kuantan Indera Mahkota, IWC Ioras Ipoh, IWC Kuala Lumpur North was felt especially when it came to balloting. It is important for every Club Delegate to know that she holds an important post and her presence at the DAGM is significant.

I should also like to bring to your attention that the District Committee has updated the District Constitution/Rules making note of any amendments or decisions made after 2007, that needed to be entered. We will also be seeking to have a uniform Inner Wheel Club By-Laws after meeting the Registrar of Societies before May.

The Banquet Nite themed ‘International Zest’ was well attended by Inner Wheel Members, Rotarians and guests. The Highlight was, of course, the DC’s farewell speech and the installation of the Incoming District Chairman and her Committee 2016-2017. For your information, the Incoming District Executive Committee is as follows: DC Parimala Satheesan, DVC Datin Sakunthala, IPDC Ambika Menon, DS Shanti Menon, DT Swarnalatha, DISO Kamala Yeap, Ext. Chairman Datin Dr Ramani and DE Veni Ramachandran.
We wish the new committee all the very best for their coming term themed “Touch a Heart”.

Also to update you, the incoming National Representative is Simone Wippern and the Deputy is Datin Seetha. The nominee for IIWBD is Datin Pearl Jai Mohan.

The second highlight of the night was a Fashion Show put up by District 330. I wish to thank the Malaysian designer extraordinaire Bill Keith from Kuala Lumpur who generously agreed to put we, “Aunties”, on the runway as “Super Models flown in”. It was a splendid show and what’s more, it portrayed how versatile and confident we, the ladies of Inner Wheel, are when put to the test. Let us give ourselves a pat on the back.

The Sunday workshop speakers PIIWBD Jessie and PIIWBD Joy threw more light on being Effective Members by making our clubs Effective and Vibrant Clubs while NR Phyllis talked on Rotary being a partner in service.

We must thank the Organising Committee of IWC Kota Kinabalu for a job well done. They even made sure the event was widely publicised in the Sabah dailies!

Till you hear from me in June, bye!
District Chairman Ambika Menon


Eighth Message (click to open-close)

Inner Wheel Logo Eighth Message

District Chairman Ambika Menon

Hi Ladies,

Greetings to all as we begin 2016. Let’s hope the new year brings good tidings to one and all.

We began the year well for on 9th January, we met at Kuantan to celebrate International Inner Wheel Day. What a memorable event it was! We have to thank our host club IWC Kuantan Indera Mahkota. They really went that extra mile to ensure we had a good time. I thank them for a job well done. I also thank all club members who made it a point to come for this gathering. You sure are a committed lot and that’s the way to go! Many could not make it to this District Celebration.

I was indeed happy to note that President Grace of IWC Penang invited the members of the IWC Pearl of the Orient (their President Merlin represented IIW day in Kuantan) to partake in their celebration of IIW Day in Penang. They did a charity project with Job Link and donated to a worthy cause. I commend the Inner Wheel ladies of Penang Island who made it a point to celebrate IIW Day as they could not come to Kuantan.

Our Joint AGM is round the corner. Please gear yourselves to attend this. There must be proper representation by club delegates from all clubs. Be prepared to participate. Know what you have to do and bring along for this AGM. The District Secretary will email you and hope all will follow the protocol. This is a business meet. Please be properly attired for the opening ceremony. Bring along your Rostrum Banner.
The Fellowship Nite is themed “Safari“. I hope clubs are preparing to do a presentation. Come on ladies, show your talent. Let’s all have fun and let our hair down.

Talking of talent and creativity, the winners of Creative Writing Contest will be announced on Fellowship nite. Please be around to be acknowledged.

I should like to say that I am indeed overwhelmed to know how active some clubs have been with regards to service to the public. Following you all in the chat group and seeing your postings of various projects carried out, I am indeed proud as DC of District 330. There are clubs that are less active on projects but it does not matter. My advice to you all was to cut your coat according to your cloth. However keep the Friendship and Camaraderie going and rise to the occasion when you can. God Bless.

Our International Friendship Project to help the Flood  Victims of Chennai netted a collection of RM10,600/=. I thank all clubs that donated to this cause. Arrangements are being made to send the amount to DC Seema Bhargava of District 323 Chennai. She will update us on how the money is put to good use for the benefit of the flood victims through the Inner Wheel clubs in Chennai.

Now for the good news. We welcome IWC Seremban into our fold again. They were deregistered on technicality by the Registrar of Societies. Now that they are reinstated, we look forward to their participation at our AGM in Kota Kinabalu.

To all our members heading for Calcutta for the Triennual, we wish you all a safe journey. Enjoy your trip and learn more about Inner Wheel through new bonds of friendship.

“Gong Xi Fatt Chai" to all who are celebrating the Lunar New Year. The year of the Monkey signifies a year of activity for all, I guess. After all, the saying goes,  “As agile as a monkey!"

Good Health, Prosperity and Joy to one and all.
Happy New Year!

With  love and warm regards in our Unique & United Friendship,

DC Ambika Menon


Seventh Message (click to open-close)

Inner Wheel LogoSeventh Message

District Chairman Ambika MenonHi Ladies, The year draws to a close and we sit back in recollection of memories. Memories that are happy and joyous but interlaced with sad moments. We celebrated some marriages (young members) births (grandchildren) and moaned the loss of lives (spouses). But then, that is life.. with its ups and downs and merry go round! Let's all find strength and move forward as we welcome the New Year 2016.

The District has decided we would help in Chennai Flood Relief by doing a collective donation and sending to Inner Wheel District 323 Chennai. I am in contact with the DC there. I, therefore, appeal to all clubs to dig into your Charity account and even your pockets to donate any amount you possibly can to help alleviate the lives of people going through hardships and facing a bleak New Year. The closing date is 25 Dec 2015.

We also look forward to our fellowship in the New Year as we gather in Kuantan on 9 Jan 2016 to celebrate IIW Day. The response is good but could be better. So all those fence sitters, make up your mind. Better late than never! So should you decide to join us, please contact us. You are encouraged to bring potential members .

In February is the Triennial Meet in Calcutta. I wish all those going, an enjoyable journey. It will be a learning edge for first timers.

Our Joint AGM in March is in Kota Kinabalu. Registration is open Please register as early as possible.

I am also pleased to note that many clubs have been busy with service projects in November and December. Many have conducted Xmas Cheer projects, Back to school projects, Hair cutting for inmates at caring homes, Contributions for the Blind and Setting up a library for refugee children. Some have ventured into off shore projects. IWC KL went to Bangkok to do a Book Project called Reading in the Park. IWC PJ went on a joint project with Raleigh International and IWC KK to provide drinking water to residents in a village in Kota Belud, Sabah.

I would like to applaud you all for your commitment towards our ideals of Inner Wheel. To all those celebrating Christmas I would like to wish you Good Tidings for a very Merry Xmas. May God's Blessings be upon you and your family. Happy New Year one and All. Cheers! Let's pray 2016 will be a better year with Good Health, Wealth, Joy & Happiness.

"To have Peace in life, Love the people who treat you Right And Pray for the ones who don't"

DC Ambika Menon


Sixth Message (click to open-close)

Inner Wheel LogoSixth Message

District Chairman Ambika MenonHello Ladies! My warm greetings to you all.

We are now in the month of November. Five months since all Presidents and their Executive Committee took office. Within these five months, how much have you accomplished in your various clubs, be it in the form of service or fellowship? Are you happy and contented with yourselves? In completing your year this far, you deserve a pat on your backs!

I am following you on our District Grip (mobile chat for District Committee) and I must say I am indeed overwhelmed with clubs that have had a good start. To those who are still in gear one, not to worry. As long as you have started your engine, I am happy. Take a slow drive Presidents but be focused and reach all the destinations that you have planned on your journey. Make sure you have enough fuel!

The District has seen great fellowship among clubs for interclub activities, in particular, Friendship Day. I believe many of you now know each other better than before. Many clubs have increased their membership while others have benefitted through Friendship Day with potential members coming in.

We are now getting geared to enjoy camaraderie at our International Inner Wheel Day celebration in Kuantan on 9 to 10 January 2016. Have you all signed up? Please do. It will be a wonderful experience and a nice break in the East Coast. Talking of East Coast, how about East Malaysia? Have you signed up for our Joint AGM in Kota Kinabalu 18 to 20 March 2016? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Plan and proceed. Our sisters of District 331 are all waiting to welcome us.

I have visited 12 clubs to date. During my visits, I have impressed upon you to keep your club records straight and updated. Above all, I talked on the need to make sure that the ideals of Friendship and Service is maintained. As ladies, we all have our own idiosyncrasies. Hence, to live up to our ideals of Friendship, the most important factor is to let go of our ego. It is that EGO that creates a lot of problems in any club. There is a need for Acceptance (awareness). This will keep you emotionally tranquil. If something happens not the way you want, your acceptance shows Tolerance. Accept Fear (uncertainity) and you will become Adventurous. Turn Jealousy into Inspiration. Emulate and work harder to attain your desires. Finally there is Hurt. Accept it and you will show Forgiveness. We are all unique but we must learn to accept the difference and stay united. Let’s live up to our theme, Unique & United.

To see the creative side of you all, the District has decided to have a poetry writing contest, with the hope the we could select one and make it into an Inner Wheel song. We have received a few entries. The closing date is 10 November. Keep sending girls!

Diwali is round the corner. On behalf of the District Exco, I wish all celebrating Diwali “SELAMAT DEEPAVALI”!

It‘s by love we serve
It’s by patience that we understand
It’s by trials that we gain wisdom
It’s by sharing that we become a blessing

Till you hear from me again, here's wishing you all the very best. Keep the WHEEL spinning!

DC Ambika Menon

Fifth Message (click to open-close)

Inner Wheel LogoFifth Message

District Chairman Ambika MenonMy warm greetings to you all. The month of August has glided by and now we are on the threshold of welcoming September.

The past two months have seen many installations as new office bearers take over the mantle to serve your club. The new Dawn of the New Inner Wheel Year will bring Hope, Aspirations and Enthusiasm.

I was invited to the Installations of IW Clubs of Mutiara, Kuala Lumpur City Centre, Subang Selangor and Ioras Ipoh. It was indeed happy to note that Mutiara and KLCC had invited the less fortunate to a sumptuous hi-tea and handed cash donations to them. I laud your clubs for your service to the less fortunate. The young Ioras had a lovely English tea afternoon at Sabah Tea Garden (STG). I was impressed that they had made the public aware of our  Inner Wheel organisation when they staged a ‘Candle Vigil’ for the lost victims of MH370 in the centre of Ipoh city. This is one way to promote Inner Wheel and its activities which, sad to say, is the lesser known NGO in our country. The ladies of Subang went all out and at their warm cosy dinner installation, they inducted six new members!!! Congratulations to all of you!

My Club visits too have begun. I have visited IW Clubs of Kuala Lumpur, Kuantan and Bangsar.  I was extremely happy to have had successful meetings with these clubs, discussed issues, heard their problems and learnt a lot of their club history.

I have come to understand that IWC Bangsar has an ongoing programme with Sunway Lagoon Management. They bring shows, often International ones, to fête the children from homes. Their management allocates 200 seats for IWC Bangsar to fill up. Bangsar Club has often approached other sister Clubs in the Klang Valley but not many takers. So I am now appealing on their behalf. Please scout around for children in Homes that your club would like to bring (around 15 to 20  if possible) and inform IWC Bangsar. This is a year end affair and I sincerely hope all Club Presidents will look upon this as a Joint Interclub Project. Please get in touch with IWC Bangsar for further details. 

The District will lend a hand in strengthening club membership in smaller clubs by encouraging them to have ‘Friendship Day‘, where they have interclub fellowship bringing potential members along. Your guest speaker will be District Extension Chairman Datin Seetha. She will enlighten you all on our organisation thus helping to inform potential members what they need to know about Inner Wheel. The fellowship and camaradaerie that follows this event will further motivate potential members to join us in our ideals of Inner Wheel friendship and service.

There are important things to do and deadlines to meet. So Presidents, Secretaries and Treasurers, please take note.

  1. All Capitation Fees to be sent to District Treasurer by 12 September 2015. Kudos to IWC Mutiara ...the first to make payment!
  2. All Nomination Forms E & F for National Representative & Deputy National Representative 2016-2017 are to be filled and sent to National Representive (Districts 330 & 331) Phyllis Fong before 31 October 2015. Please study the candidates eligible for this post and nominate.
  3. Nomination Form H for IIW Board Director. Study candidates eligible for this post. Remember to call the person you nominate first to seek approval. Then make sure you get her to sign and fill up details as requested in Form H and send it to NR Phyllis Fong before 31 October 2015.
  4. The other form are for IIW Media Manager. Study candidates eligible for this post and seek their approval before you propose their name.

You may contact the District Secretary for clarification any time and also to seek advice.

Our forthcoming Joint AGM, below are some preliminary information:

  • Date: 18 – 20 March 2016
  • Venue: Le Meridien Hotel, Kota Kinabalu
  • Theme:  Twilight Safari (Fellowship Eve), International Zest with a twist (Banquet)
  • Sunday morning programme: IIW training sessions

Please make sure you slate the date and attend the weekend business cum fellowship event. As Delegates, you are obliged to attend. Book your flights early to get cheap rates. The District will reimburse your flight tickets. More information on Registration and cost of accommodation will be posted as soon as I get the details.

On the International scene we are looking at our members all eager to attend the Triennial Meet of the Association Of Inner Wheel Clubs In India to be held in Kolkatta. The team will be led by our DVC Parimala Satheesan who I believe has attended more than 3 such meets. Thanks to President Harvinder of Taiping for using her good offices to get  special cheap Air Asia rates for 30 people on a first-come first-served basis. Anyway, all those going (I believe spouses included) will have a wonderful time out there. I am sure the conference will serve as a booster dose tonic to energize every IW member as you see how your sisters of Inner Wheel Clubs there participate from length to breadth of this sub-continent. I hope it will rejuvenate you all and you will return home with renewed vigour and vitality. The deliberations, business sessions and speeches by luminaries will add luster to the entire event. That is, if you all stay rooted to your seats and not venture out shopping!

Whatever, we do we need to work as a team
T =  Together
E = Everyone
A = Achieve
M = More
With that I wish you all the Best. Lets Pray for our Country.

Selamat Merdeka!

DC Ambika Menon

Fourth Message (click to open-close)

Inner Wheel LogoFourth Message

District Chairman Ambika Menon Greetings to one and all. To our Muslim sisters celebrating Syawal, I wish you “Selamat Hari Raya”.

It is a month since I took office and it was indeed a very busy month. We had our District Executive Meeting on 4 July 2015. We have planned many things to make this “Unique & United” term an exiciting, learning, fellowship affair… opening horizons to be effective and active members.

In July, I attended the Installation of Pearl of the Orient. It was a warm, friendly evening with great support from their sponsor club, the Rotary Club of Tanjung Bungah.

IWC Penang also held their installation – a nite of ‘Glitz & Gold’ with great fellowship. Their sponsor club, IWC Kuala Lumpur was there in great numbers to give support.

I wish both Presidents Merlin Gasper and Grace Voon all the very best in their endeavour to carry out their duties successfully. Installations of IWC Mutiara, IWC Ioras, IWC KLCC are taking place in August.

Ladies, I also start my Club Visits in August. I hope that all adhere to protocol and return all forms sent to you 14 days prior to my visit. I look forward to a full attendance so that I can extend my hand to one and all in Inner Wheel spirit.

News from abroad... We have been invited to host the South Asia Rally (SAR). SAR is an event held every 3 years, after the Triennial year so it will fall in IW year 2016–2017. Countries involved are India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Malaysia and Dubai. It was first held in India then in Sri Lanka and back again in India instead of Bangladesh because of political unrest in 2014. The IIW President’s travel expense  will be borne by International while we offer hospitality only. It is basically a fellowship event. We can expect an attendance of 800 from sister clubs abroad. The programmes include cultural shows, competitions, ISO meet and flag exchange.

The decision to accept to host this event was made in the interest of our members. Many of us are like “Katak di bawah tempurung”. An exposure to such a gathering will be an eye opener to see the zest and enthusiasm shown by sister clubs abroad and forge international understanding and friendship. I believe this will spur us to be more active and committed. With that in mind we have formed a committee to look into logistics first.

I received a Report from District 350 Nepal who are slowly finding their feet again after the earthquake disaster. They thank us for our donation which is being put to good use. With the help of other aid organisations, they have adopted a village to give food supplies, medical aid and repair homes and the village school.

The report from them along with photographs can be viewed on our web site under “Happenings”. It sure is a great feeling to know that our District has done its share of service to the needy at international level. Well done girls!
For your information, our DISO is looking into arranging trips abroad to attend the Triennial in Calcutta at the end of the year and a visit to a sister club in Punjab. Then of course we want all to be ready and raring to participate in IIW Day Celebration in Kuantan on 10 Jan 2016. Following that will be our combined AGM in Kota Kinabalu.

So ladies, we have good fellowship to look forward to. Be an active & committed member!

With that I bid you ‘adieu’.
Till you hear from me yet again.

DC Ambika Menon

Third Message (click to open-close)

Inner Wheel LogoThird Message

District Chairman Ambika Menon
Hi everyone,

This is to update you on the happenings in Clubs in the District that I was invited to. IWC Kuala Lumpur celebrated their Installation Ceremony on 14 June themed "Maharajas & Maharanis”. It was a lovely, colourful function with everyone clad in Indian outfits, decked in Indian jewellery...even the few gentlemen who attended, adhered to the theme. The non Indian ladies really outdid the Indian ladies, I must say ! You must view the photographs which will soon be posted on the web page by IWC K.L., I believe.

I congratulate Imm Past President Bee Ngoh and her committee for "Lighting the Path" very well during their term and I wish President Navam and her team all the Best for a "Unique & United" year of service.

My heartfelt thanks to the Organising Chairman V.P. Harshinder for a well co-ordinated function and the protocol accorded to me as Incoming Chairman then. To all the ladies of IWC K.L. a pat on the back for the effort you all put in collectively. Kudos to PDC Juanita for the lovely Peacock Display that stole the show!

I also attended my home club IWC PJ's Installation which was a Hi Tea affair with about 50 people in attendance. This was a small, lovely, cosy function in contrast. But it had all the essence of Friendship, fellowship and warmth. The ladies had such fun taking part in the entertainment programme that was organised. An installation is something where all members celebrate in thanking the Outgoing President and her team and welcome the new President and her committee. So please cut your coat according to your cloth.

I congratulate the Outgoing President Usha and her team for a job well done and wish President Vinodini all the very Best during her tenure. Please post your photos too on the home page.

Ladies look at the web page for incoming functions and get ready to participate in all inter club activities, whether supporting other clubs' installations, doing joint projects with sister clubs or attending seminars, talks, meetings and fellowship functions organised by the District.

With that I bid you all farewell till you hear from me again…

In Inner Wheel Friendship,
DC Ambika Menon

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Second Message Greetings to you all. I have now officially taken up my chair as the 35th District Chairman. I look forward to your wholehearted support for all that the District has planned for the term 2015-2016 themed "Unique & United". First and foremost I would like to thank the Speakers, Facilitators and Panel for Q & A session who helped in making our workshop session 'Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve Inner Wheel' a learning experience. I believe it benefitted all the Club Executives who attended the session. I am truly pleased from the feedback I received. Yes, they absolutely need the training and hope it will be an ongoing programme! International Inner Wheel Day which falls on 10 January will be celebrated in Kuantan over the weekend. IWC Kuantan Indera Mahkota will play host. The District ISO Datin Shamini, will keep you posted as to the logistics and I encourage all to attend the Fellowship weekend that throws a lot of light on the History of Inner Wheel. The next Joint AGM of District 330 & 331 will be held in Kota Kinabalu sometime in March 2016. I believe all are looking forward to this break in KK. Please slate those dates, once out, in your calendar. The District is helping all members to make their social badge. District Vice-Chairman Parimala is in charge of this. Please email her your requests. We will be inviting an officer from ROS to clear our doubts about eros. We will inform you of the date. Please come to attend the talk in K.L. We are also looking into the possibility of having a common Bylaw for all Inner Wheel clubs in District line with ROS requirements. Even before my term started, as Incoming District Chairman, I wrote to all Clubs seeking your generosity in helping the Earthquake victims of Nepal. I wrote to the DC of Inner Wheel District 350 Nepal who was overwhelmed on hearing from a sister club wanting to help. I wish to thank all Clubs who donated towards this Relief Fund and a special thanks to our PDS Linda Lim who helped in co-ordinating the collection and sending the money to IWD Nepal. The amount collected was RM23,951.00. Well done girls! As your new President and your Exco Committee are planning your term, I will be visiting you all officially. I come in friendship to each club to know you, your problems, your views and ideas. This is my only opportunity in meeting each and every member. Please do not disappoint me, my dear sisters. I look forward to a full attendance! We are a friendly organisation but there are procedures and protocol and they must be taken seriously. We have to be effective members who are committed to the ideals of Inner Wheel. With that, I raise my glass to you ladies, wishing you all the very Best in all your endeavours.

In Inner Wheel Spirit,

Ambika Menon
District Chairman 2015-2016
District 330

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DC Ambika

Dear Ladies of Inner Wheel,

I thank all Past District Chairmen and my home club, IWC PJ, for encouraging and electing me to this chair. It is therefore, with solidarity and gratitude, I accept the post of District Chairman 330 2015-2016.

I thank you all for having given me this magnificent opportunity to serve the District of this great organisation.

Ladies, you are my strength and support and I assure you that I will do the best in rendering my duties and responsibilities to strengthen friendship and understanding within the District and beyond.

My theme for the programme which I embarked on before the term started was 'Enter to Learn… Go Forth To Serve Inner Wheel’. The objectives of this programme is to assist the Incoming Executive Committee of the clubs to
. Have a good understanding of their duties & responsibilities
. Imbibe confidence on taking office by providing clear guidelines
. Provide guidance on communication & report templates
. Gather feedback

It is my sincere hope that all concerned who attended had found it a fruitful endeavour. Success never depends on size of brain. It always depends on
. size of thought
. speed of execution
. depth of determination
. strength of attitude

With this valuable jewel adorning my neck as District Chairman I am moulding myself to attend to the various programmes I have in the pipeline. I am indeed blessed because I have the help of our versatile Presidents, PDCs and my dear Inner Wheel sisters of our District.

With warm friendship

Ambika Menon
District Chairman
IW District 330












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