Team meetup of Club ISOs


District International Service Organiser

16 July 2021


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A virtual meet was organised by District International Service Organiser, Datin Pathma Ramanathan for all 24 ISOs in District 330. The main objective was to get better acquainted with one another so that duties could be discharged more efficiently.


The icing on the cake was the presence of District Chairman Datin Shamini Nair, who delivered her address to all the attendees.


DISO Datin Pathma Ramanathan emphasised the need to care and show unconditional love and extend friendship to members in their respective clubs, the District and internationally.  She encouraged her team to try to Touch the Hearts of many around the world and Leave a Lasting Legacy along the journey. Moving forward, she inspired all the ISOs to remain compassionate, united and serve diligently.


She ended the session with a presentation of the Guidelines for the Club ISOs.


~ Datin Pathma Ramanathan