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The Clubs 2013-2014

Roll of Club Presidents & Quick Club Info
(updated 5 November 2013)

Our objectives:
Promote Friendship,
Encourage Personal Service
and Foster International Understanding

IWC Bangsar

President Jasbir Kaur

DC Visit: 15 Oct 2013 (Tue)

IWC Intan, Kuala Lumpur

Charter President: Shin Loh

DC Visit: 18 Sep 2013 (Wed)

From the President:
Some of the club plans:

- A year long "Birthdays" project with the WAKE Shelter (which houses HIV orphans). We will be visiting the home on a monthly basis, celebrating a birthday of a different orphan every month and getting them a present from their wish list.
- In addition, the birthday celebration will be followed on by a different workshop which teaches the children a different skill which will help them become self sustainable in the future. Such workshops include soap making, dance classes, baking classes, etc.
- We'll also be working with Rumah Poshe to help them with their relocation to Klang

IWC Ioras, Ipoh

Charter President: Asvinder Kaur

IWC Ipoh

President Anurathe Ganapathy

IWC Ipoh East

President Cheng Yeok San


Postal: 2 Jalan Sentosa, Taman Manorama, Fair Park, 31400 Ipoh.

Meets 2nd Sunday monthly

DC Visit: 5 Oct 2013 (Sat)

From the President:
"Build peace, love and harmony in encouraging true friendship. We, for women, will use our inner strength, forged with spirit of faith, heart of patience and mindful resolute to stride forward."
-  IIW Happier Futures for children campaign is in an English language education development programme for primary school children
-  a Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar.

I look forward to viewing more club announcements and news on the website -- it is after all, my Inner Wheel family news portal
. Let me share this Youtube song, "If I could write a song" sung by Carol Burnett and written by Neil Sedaka.

IWC Klang

President Emzita Buyong

Meets 3rd Tuesday monthly, Royal Klang Club

DC Visit: 4 Sep 2013 (Wed)

IWC Kuala Lumpur

President Cecilia Lee


Postal: PO Box 10597, 50718 Kuala Lumpur

Meets 1st Thursday monthly, 2pm, Royal Selangor Club, Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.


DC Visit: 3 Oct 2013 (Thur)

From the President:
Following the theme, 'We,for women', IWCKL, amongst other local community projects, the ladies in true friendship and personal service will:
-  bring relief to single mothers (Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Syuhada)
-  support awareness on abused women (WAO)
-  bring cheer to children with cancer (Hospital Kuala Lumpur)
-  give aid to mentally retarded children (Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Cacat)

IWC Kuala Lumpur City Centre

President Datin Zaiton binti Palil

IWC Kuala Lumpur North

President Narinder Kaur

Meets 2nd Saturday monthly

DC Visit: 21 Sep 2013 (Sat)

IWC Kuantan / Indera Mahkota

President Sherifah Nor Hana Syed Osman Hamid

IWC Mutiara, Selangor

Charter President Lynette Marina Vijiarumgam

DC Visit: 9 November 2013 (Sat)

IWC Pearl of the Orient

Charter President:
Mary Anne Gronningen

From the President:

Now that the celebration of the Charter Installation is over, it is time for me and the club to get to know more about each other, especially for a few who have not met the others.

For me the main aim is to gather the club together and do some community work as a team. However many of our members are working and have children at home so those of us who are more free can and hopefully be able to contribute in the name of IWC Pearl of the Orient, Penang.

My vision for this year is to pursue this year's theme "We for women" To start with, we will giving some input to our members on “Child sexual abuse prevention and anti-human trafficking”. This will definitely be a long term project. We will meet up with representative of the Women's Centre for Change and get all the information.

Small projects can also be done if and when the members are able to volunteer.

IWC Penang

President Nini Chin Soo Sing

DC Visit: 19 Oct 2013 (Sat)

IWC Petaling Jaya

President Dr Sarojani D’Cruz

Meets 2:30 pm 2nd Saturday monthly


DC Visit: 14 Sep 2013 (Sat)

From the President:
“Greetings and congratulations from the IWCPJ. We take this opportunity to wish all HAPPY HOLIDAYS and SELAMAT HARI RAYA ADILFITRI. We are looking forward to having a good Inner Wheel working year with all."
- festival cheers that we do annually for deserving families in the rural areas
- a health farm in an orang asli settlement
- an appreciation day programme for single mothers

IWC Selangor

President Datin Shamini Nair

DC Visit: 14 October 2013 (Mon)

IWC Seremban

President Indra Rengnathan

DC Visit: 14 Nov 2013 (Thur)

From the President:
Service Activities: We have hitherto been doing great Service mainly to orphans and children with special needs. Subsequent to our recent visit to an “Old Folks Home” in Seremban Selatan, it is our hope that we can do more for the disadvantaged Old Folks. 3 service activities for the “Old Folks” and 3 service activities for Children with Special Needs and Orphans.
Social Activities, Fund Raising Projects: (a) Publication of 2nd Edition of our “Recipe Book” (b) Sale of trinkets and other items at Royal Sungai Ujong Club
Fun Activities: (a) Family Evening: To include ALL family members so that we can get to know each other’s family better. Games and other activities to accommodate ALL AGES will be organised. (b) Dinners: Special Dinner to be organised to include spouses of members (e.g. Father’s Day/Mothers Day/Valentine’s Day) (c) TREAT OURSELVES: An outing to a beach resort or any other place to (bask in the sun) treat ourselves to Spas, Massages, Facials, Pedicure-Manicure, etc, etc.

IWC Subang Selangor

President Jegathambal Subramaniam

Meets last Tuesday monthly at Holiday Villa, Subang

DC Visit: 22 Feb 2014 (Sat)

From the President:
"We are working on projects in line with the IIW themes 'Happier Futures' Helping Children Around the World Now" and 'We for Women'."
- a book sale "Help Save A Child’s Heart" (in August) and organising our first fellowship as well. We have helped a boy (handicap without both legs) to start up his business and sourced a startup capital for him.
- Participation in a Medical Camp in Subang creating awareness for our club (in September)
- We are going for a retreat in the countryside, as a bonding and fellowship amongst members (in October)
- Many more in line and will keep all updated.

IWC Taiping

President Pushpavalli Kunacegaram

Meets 1st Friday monthly