Understanding cybersecurity


Inner Wheel Club of Bangsar

24 July 2021


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On 10 June 2021, it was reported in Star Publications that the level of cybersecurity awareness is still low amongst Malaysians, resulting in many ending up as victims of cybercrimes.


Taking cognizance of this increasing trend in cyber scams, IWC of Bangsar organised a webinar on UNDERSTANDING CYBERSECURITY on 24 July 2021. The facilitator, Ms Manimegalai Rajendran, is an experienced cybersecurity analyst and one of the award winners of “Top 10 Women in Security in Malaysia 2020”.


Ms. Mani started the session by providing a background of computer virus attacks from 1971, before moving on to giving an overview on data security threats, social engineering and the myriad dangers that internet users face. She took the participants through to understanding terms, like Phishing and discussed case studies on how the perpetrator/fraudster plays on human emotions, builds trust and prompts the victim to give away sensitive information, including unwittingly transferring funds.


The audience listened carefully to Ms. Mani as she spoke of affiliate marketing scams that target job-seeking youth and cash-on-delivery or COD scams that target home-based victims, via the use of freight forwarders, seemingly legitimate but a well-planned scam nonetheless.  She then shared tips on how to be cyber-safe and more vigilant of scammers, as well as help lines in Malaysia that could be contacted.


In was indeed an educational and eye-opening evening for the attendees who realised how easily one could fall prey to these scammers.