The making of eco-enzyme


Inner Wheel Club of Melaka

2 October 2021


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The Inner Wheel Club of Melaka (IWCM) organised a Zoom Eco-Workshop, ‘The Making of Eco-Enzyme ‒ A sustainable living skill for women’ by its Club Correspondent, Petrina Goh. The objective of this workshop was to equip and empower women to be resourceful in adopting a sustainable lifestyle in their homes. IWCM hoped thus to encourage women, especially housewives to play an active role in practising sustainability at home via a series of simple steps such as reducing or recycling household wastes, producing their own household cleaning products, growing their own produce and making their own compost and eco-enzymes from kitchen scraps.


The workshop was well attended by 53 Inner Wheel members from the various Inner Wheel Clubs in District 330 as well as IWCM members and their friends. Participants showed keen enthusiasm and fielded pertinent questions throughout the duration of the workshop. Speaker, Petrina Goh presented an impressive, informative and well researched subject matter with accompanying PowerPoint slides and statistical substantiations on environmental issues such as global warming and climate change, the results of human activities that have caused drastic impacts on the environment.


She highlighted grave concerns and implications of these indiscriminate and uncontrolled human activities on an incrementally ailing mother earth. She emphasised that women in the home could therefore play a pivotal role in restoring the environment by producing eco-enzymes using kitchen waste thereby helping to reduce the amount of household waste in landfills. She went on to explain the benefits and multiple uses of eco-enzymes as well as demonstrated on the method of making eco-enzyme.


Petrina’s passion for a sustainable environment was clearly evident in her own life. An active environmentalist, she has been directly involved in environmental projects, talks and workshops with government and private sectors for many years since 2008. She is a hands-on person, a dynamic and experienced organiser cum speaker of talks and projects related to the environment for schools and organisations. Her practical and engaging style of delivery has convinced the workshop participants on the need to be resourceful and actively help to reduce our carbon footprint in the environment through reducing and recycling of household organic food wastes.


IWCM thanks all participants for their enthusiasm and keen interest in its first Eco-Workshop and hopes to organise subsequent related sessions by Petrina Goh in the near future. The Club would also like to appreciate Petrina’s generosity in contributing her late mother’s production of eco-enzymes as well as channeling all proceeds from the sale of the same to the Club’s charity fund. IWCM also recognised her nephew, CK Goh for providing technical assistance during the Zoom workshop.


~ President Betty Ong