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A Sincere Note of Appreciation from DC Peggy

Dear ladies of District 330,

During my tenure of District Chairman of District 330. I had the distinction and pleasure of welcoming three new clubs into our fold. These are Inner Wheel Clubs of Alor Setar, Butterworth and Johor Baru.

Inner Wheel Club of Butterworth


All this would not have been possible if not for the indefagitable Ambika Menon, District Extension Chairman and her team. DEC Ambika deserves all the credit for the initiatives and hard work she had put in in taking the helm and overseeing the whole process of setting up these clubs. Her tenacity and attention to detail as well as her efforts in garnering interest from ladies in these States cannot and should not go unnoticed.

I therefore wish to place on record my sincere appreciation and gratitude to District Extension Chairman Ambika Menon and her team for all the work and effort they had put it in extending our District 330 family.

Peggy Lee
District Chairman 2018-2019

May 2019 Message from DC Peggy

Hi, Ladies, sorry for the long silence. Days pass quickly and before you know it, another month has come and gone. No excuses but I have been rather busy.

Well, we had a successful District AGM. The first one-day AGM and I am glad it went well. We all set out what we want to do and had a great time too and I must say at a low cost too. We were happy that we could finish our business and still have time to go home to our families to have dinner with them and some of the clubs took the opportunity to go for fellowship trips.

The following weekend I was at the District 331 AGM which was held in Kolok Resort in Kota Kinabalu. It is the traditional 3 days 2 nights weekend and we had a lot of fun catching up with members from District 331. I was accompanied by IIWPBD Datin Pearl Jai Mohan and NR Datin Seetha. It was a beautiful location away from the hustle and bustle of Kota Kinabalu. However it was quite an expensive trip too.

As some of you may know I am also a Rotarian and recently due to some problems with finding the next PE, I volunteered to be the next President of the club. So I have been busy attending their training at the District Training Assembly in Putrajaya and attending the Conference in Butterworth on 3rd and 4th May 2019. Looks like there is no rest for me.

While attending the Conference I managed to schedule a visit to IWC Alor Setar on Thursday, 2nd May 2019. I was there attending their project which was helping to prepare dinner and serving at a soup kitchen in Alor Setar. It was certainly an experience and I along with the members of IWC Alor Setar served about 50 people. More were expected to come but we did not stay. I then attended the food tasting at the Grand Alora Hotel where they were going to have their charter nite.

On Sunday 5th May before going back I managed to meet President Lucy and 5 of her members for a brunch before going to the airport. Thanks to VP Daisy for driving us around and for taking me to the airport.

I have actually finished visiting all the clubs except for IWC Intan and IWC Johor Baru which have yet to get ROS approval.

Well, the wheel turns and it will be time soon for a change of leadership. I have another month to go but it will be a busy month in June as we have training scheduled on 15th June, installation of the new DC, Charter nites of IWCs Alor Setar and Butterworth. Hope to see you all there. Thank you.

Peggy Lee
District Chairman
District 330

February 2019 Message from DC Peggy

Dear Ladies,

Looks like February went and came so fast. Of course I was away too. Had a nice get away in Melbourne with my whole family. It was Chinese New Year too, all the celebrations, eating and catching up with friends and relatives, some of whom we only meet once a year. So much so I forgot to pen my February message. My sincere apologies.

On February 23rd I had a club visit with IWC Ipoh and Ioras. We had a nice afternoon at two different locations in Ipoh, my favourite city. I would like to thank President Charanjit and her members for hosting a wonderful lunch for me at Maharaj Restaurant. The meeting with IWC Ioras was at the STG Cafe where I got to know the members better. Special thanks and gratitude to President Hema from IWC Ioras who not only fetched me from the train station, sent me to the various locations, bought me dinner and next day even drove me to Taiping for my visit there.

Had a great visit with President Karen and her Taiping Tigress. The fellowship was great and they gave me a warm welcome. On reaching Taiping we went to the Gurdwara to have our lunch where PP Vinder was celebrating her grandson's birthday. Very nice of her to include me in the celebration.

And now it's March which just started, but if you start ticking off the things happening, then soon it will be over. How quickly the wheel turns.

Am looking forward to the International Women's Day celebration organized by IWC Selangor. Looks like good participation from members and friends of Inner Wheel. Lets hope after attending they might be motivated to join Inner Wheel.

We are now busy with preparing for the District AGM and I am glad that quite a few of you are coming. It is a new format for DAGM and we are in the midst of making several arrangements. I am also glad that IWC Alor Star would be making their debut at this AGM. I am pleased to inform members that our National Representative Datin Seetha has received the soft copies of the charter for Butterworth and Johor Bahru from International Inner Wheel. The hard copy will follow suit.

Before I end my message, I must thank you ladies for your support and participation in all the events organized.

Empower and Evolve.

Peggy Khoo
District Chairman 2018-2019

January 2019 Message from DC Peggy

Dear Members,

I do apologise for being late with my message this month.

December was supposed to be a rest month but it really wasn't. I did manage to sneak out for a holiday though, to Vietnam, albeit a short one. While I was away, the provisional IW Club of Johor Bahru had their Inaugural Meeting on 10 December 2018. Congratulations to you Johor Bahru.

A few of the Exco members and I were also busy in Kuala Lumpur, monitoring and attending the organising meetings of World Inner Wheel Day celebration with PP Merlin and flying to Penang for at least two meetings. It has been a roller coaster of feelings, what with nobody responding at the beginning, and then when we said IIW President is attending the floodgates open and soon our original venue was full. We then had to change venue and luckily we found a venue almost next door to our original venue. Phew!! I am sorry though that we had to turn away some overseas visitors earlier because the former venue couldn't accommodate any more.

In between was the WIW Day of IWC Kuala Lumpur, my home club, who organised a carnival on 6 January 2019 at the site of the orang asli house built to commemorate IWC Kuala Lumpur's 70th anniversary. It was a runaway success with participation from many clubs. We even had Dr Kim Ng from IWC Singapore attending. There was good food, and medical, dental and eye checks for the orang asli community of Sungai Lallang in Semenyih, Selangor. 70 fruit trees were also planted by IWC Kuala Lumpur and the Rotary Club of KL Di-Raja who sponsored the plants. IWC KL has also set up a learning and playgroup centre for the Orang Asli children in line with this year's theme Empower and Evolve.

Finally after a lot of planning and thinking, the big day began with the arrival of the IIW President Christine Kirby on 10 January. I, together with NR Seetha Lakshmi and IIWPBD Datin Pearl Jai Mohan, met President Kirby in KLIA and we flew together to Penang to a welcome by the two Inner Wheel Clubs of Penang and Pearl of the Orient.

It was a wonderful evening of fun and we were so happy to have, in our midst, members of District 331 clubs, namely IW Clubs of Singapore and Singapore West, together with District Chairman Datuk Nancy Ho. Joining us was also a visiting member from IWC Ellon of Scotland, Mrs Margaret Gifford (Margarette Golding recipient) and her husband, Bruce, from the Rotary Club of Ellon.

We were proud too, to see the Inner Wheel Clubs of Alor Star (District 330) and Temasek (District 331) receiving their charter from President Kirby. IWC Johor Bahru received their mock charter certificate and recognition was accorded to the provisional club of Butterworth members (District 330) to the audience. We also had full attendance from the three new IW clubs of District 330. IWC Temasek was represented by its Charter President Rati Asrani and PNR Dr Lucy Ooi. What a proud moment for the Districts.

Now that we have the World IW Day out of the way, let's start working on the District AGM on 16th March 2019. Ladies, please do turn up for this event too.

Gong Xi Fa Cai to those celebrating Chinese New Year which is just around the corner. Thank you.

Empower and Evolve.

Peggy Khoo
District Chairman 2018-2019

December 2018 Message from DC Peggy

November has been another busy month. On the 3rd, was the club visit for IWC Petaling Jaya held at Unique Seafood Restoran, PJ. Good visit but had to rush as I had to go to the airport to catch a flight to Penang to attend the second organising commitee meeting for World Inner Wheel Day. It was a good meeting as it was held at the venue and we could inspect the hall and the surrounding.

On 10th November, was the club visit for IWC Bangsar. It was held at Meeta's house and we had a lovely time and I got a lovely gift.

After that, it was off to Alor Star for their inaugural meeting. DEC Ambika led the way with PDC Parimala, myself, IIWPBD Pearl, DS Shanti and DT Shamini. We flew in and flew out the same day.

Seeing that the proceeds from SARS was still there, the District decided to do a project in Sri Lanka for the Missionaries of Charity Home in Kandy. This is a home for abandoned and retarded children run by a nun from New Zealabd who has devoted her whole life to caring for these unwanted children. We were able to buy them some things which they needed through the help of IWC Metropolitan Kandy.

While in Kandy we managed to meet up with the current IIWBD Roshani Peris at her house. When we got back to Colombo, we had a tea session with some clubs from District 322 hosted by District Chairman Nirmalie at her house. I was accompanied by PDC Parimala and President Kamala.

On 24th November, I presided over our exco meeting at Selangor Club Bkt Kiara and then later, in the afternoon, had a club visit with IWC Selangor. Another nice visit too. Needless to say another lovely gift.

To round up the month, I met up with IWC KL North for a visit on 27th November at Selangor Club, Dataran, where they got me a most unusual gift.

Ok, happy holidays everyone and Merry Christmas.

Empower and Evolve.

Peggy Khoo
District Chairman 2018-2019

November 2018 Message from DC Peggy

October started with a bang. We all had a good time attending the 70th anniversary of IWC Ipoh. It was held at Excelsior Hotel and it was a fun celebration. I went to Ipoh by train with my home club members and we had a good time on the train followed by a sumptuous lunch at Overseas Restaurant. Thank you to PP Yeok San and PP Anu for providing the transportation from the train station to Excelsior Hotel.

Next day I was supposed to go visit IWC Taiping but something came up and instead I went to the interest meeting in Butterworth. It was a good visit and we ended up setting a pro-tem committee. I am trying to find another date to visit the two Ipoh and Taiping clubs. For Butterworth I was accompanied by DEC Ambika, PDC Parimala and President Kamala of IWC Apsaras who did the driving. Thank you Kamala for driving all of us safely to and from the meeting. It was a long way home and to make it worse it rained for most of the journey. Couldn’t have done it without you, Kamala.

Next visit was to the two Inner Wheel clubs in Penang on 20th October. Both the clubs extended me their warmest hospitality and welcome. I truly enjoyed my visit and would like to thank both the Presidents. Although we had three meetings in one day, one was the organizing committee meeting of the World Inner Wheel Day, I wasn’t feeling tired as I enjoyed spending time with the Penang ladies. Special mention to President Dr Jeya, PP Shirlynn and Latha for going out of your way to make my stay memorable. I saw more of Penang this time although I wasn’t so lucky to try some of its favourites.

It is a historic moment as we went to Alor Star for the Inaugural Meeting. I am excited and happy as my baby is being born. We have another two babies in the waiting room and am excited for them too. Glad that the hard work has borne fruit for the District Extension Chairman and her dream team.

The two clubs in Penang are working hard organizing the World Inner Wheel Day in Penang which will be held on 12th January 2019 at the Rainbow Paradise Hotel. Do give your support to this as the IIW President Christine Kirby will be present. It will be a good opportunity to meet her especially for those who did not attend the recently held IW Convention in Melbourne. When else can you get to meet the IIW President. So keep your date free for this event.

On 27th October is the visit to IWC Subang which was held at Hotel Geno, Subang. First time for me to visit the hotel. Enjoyed my visit and of course had a lovely gift from the club.

On Sunday, 28th October along with some of my home club members, we visited the home built by Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur for the family of Paizat & Suri, which was completed in 3 days from 26-28 Oct 2018. This is the main project of the year by the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur, which is to provide a home for an Orang Asli family in Sungai Lallang, Semenyih. We also witnessed the presentation of the keys to the house. What is worth mentioning is that 5 members of my club were actually hands-on in the building of this home after attending a training workshop. They are President Lynn Wong, DNR Juanita Lee, PDISO Foong Pack, PP Beh Pek Ling and PP Tan Siew Leng. Together with them were members from IW clubs of Ipoh East (PDE Cheng Yeok San), Intan (President Ning and Sunita) and Klang (President Saras Muthu). Congratulations to all of them for a job well done. This project will be launched at IWCKL’s World Inner Wheel Day celebration of a carnival at this orang asli village on 6 January 2019. The details (click here) are announced in our HAPPENINGS page and we welcome participation.

Well, that is all for now.
Empower and Evolve.

Peggy Khoo
District Chairman 2018-2019

October 2018 Message from DC Peggy

September is another busy month.

On 2nd September I took the train to Ipoh to have a club visit with the Inner Club of Ipoh East. I was promptly met at the railway station by CP Linda Wong and Webmaster Yeok San who drove me straight to Sue Shaari's house who was my host for the weekend. We had a lovely Thai dinner with President Prema joining us. Next morning it was straight to the visit after a sumptuous breakfast. The visit was held at KFC, Canning Garden where we entertained 34 children from two homes after the meeting. After lunch I was driven to the bus station where I caught my bus home. Since it was a long weekend I took 6 hours to reach home. I would like to thank IWC Ipoh East for their fantastic hospitality.

On Thursday 6th September I had a club visit with my home club, IWC Kuala Lumpur. It was a pleasant surprise as they gave me a most warm welcome complete with bunga mangar and kompang music. I was treated to a sumptuous lunch at Bangsar Village and we even managed to slot in a little shopping. I also received a beautiful shawl from China. Many thanks to PDC Juanita, President Lynn and her committee who came up with this programme. I am truly touched.

On Saturday 15th September, I attended the installation of the Inner Wheel Club of KLCC held at the Coriander Room in Holiday Villa, Subang. It was a lovely reception and I inducted four new members. There were lots of prizes given out and they gave me a beautiful outfit. There was also good attendance by ladies from the other Inner Wheel clubs.

I took a break and went on an 8-day trip to India. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip although it was rather tiring. I did many new things like horse riding, elephant riding and having to travel in a small boat called a shikara to our houseboat in Srinagar daily. I got to see the Taj Mahal, visit Jaipur, Kashmir and New Delhi — all on my must-see list.

I came back on 29th September morning and in the evening had a club visit with Inner Wheel Club of Mutiara where I inducted two new members. The meeting was held at Rama V Restaurant where we had some lovely Thai food. I was also presented with a candle set.

In the meantime, Extension Chairman and her team was busy going round to give presentations at interest meetings in Alor Star and Johor Bahru. I understand that they were very successful and have managed to set up pro-tem committees. It is a very exciting period for the District and a tiring one for the District Extension Chairman too. Lots of travelling and speaking.

That is all for now.
Ladies remember to Empower and Evolve.

Peggy Khoo
District Chairman 2018-2019

September 2018 Message from DC Peggy

Dear All,

August was a hectic month. It started with attending two installations back-to-back on 4 August 2018. That was the installation of IWC Klang and IWC Petaling Jaya. What a tiring and exciting day. Thankfully, both were held in the Klang Valley.

On 11th August, I flew to Penang to attend the installations of IWC Penang and on the next day, IWC Pearl of the Orient. These Penang girls really know how to let their hair down and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

On 19th August, I was in Kuantan for a club visit in the morning and the installation hi-tea in the afternoon. Had a good meeting with the Kuantan girls.

On 25th August, it was off to Seremban for a club visit with IWC Apsaras, the baby club of the district. I am happy to be present as I was asked to induct 4 new members although two were unable to attend. After the meeting, we adjourned for a sumptuous lunch, the same menu that was on Charter Nite.

I am also bursting with news for you.

IWC Penang and IWC Pearl of the Orient have agreed to host the World Inner Wheel Day to be held in Penang on Saturday, 12 January 2019. We invited District 331 but they have an overseas trip. However, they will send one or two representatives. More details to follow.

We have fixed the date for our District AGM and it will be held on 16 March 2019. It will be a one-day affair with no dinner. It will be held at Bukit Kiara Equestrian Resort and the registration fee will be only RM30.00. We are still working out the finer details. For your information District 331 will be having their own AGM the following weekend.

I have lined up my club visits until end of November. By that time I would have visited 17 of our clubs except for IWC Intan and IWC Ioras.

Looking forward to September.

Till then do remember to Empower and Evolve. Thank you.

Peggy Khoo
District Chairman 2018-2019

August 2018 Message from DC Peggy

We just wrapped my first month as District Chairman. It was go, go from the word "Start". There were three installations to attend, a club to visit, a District Committee meeting and the highlight of the month, the training session.

Attended the first installation which happened to be of my home club, the Inner Wheel Club of Kuala Lumpur on 1st July 2018, held at the Royal Lake Club. Theme was "Swinging Sixties", a night of fun and dance. They even brought back "The Supremes".

Next, attended the installation of the Inner Wheel Club of Ipoh East on July 7th, which was a "Garden Affair". Lots of Victoria Secret gifts, which I received too. After the formal part there were some fun games. Lovely opening numbers by the children from the Dance Centre, a ballet academy, in Ipoh who gave us a few performances after that too.

On the 18th, had my first club visit to the Inner Wheel Club of Klang. I had a tour of Klang before I found the meeting place. Sat in with them through their normal meeting and after that had some nice food. Loved the lovely gift they had presented to me.

The 21st July was the first District Exco meeting. It was a full attendance. Thank you to all who attended. Had a good discussion. We liked the venue but will explore others.

It was a rainy start to our training session which went off rather well. A big thank you to the organisers and to all the speakers who did a great job presenting their area of expertise. There was good fellowship and except for a few clubs who were absent, it had a good attendance. It was a good interactive session with the participants asking lots of questions, especially during PDC Parimala's session about the Registrar of Societies. She really had her hands full. IIWPBD Datin Pearl Jai Mohan carried out a form-filling exercise which showed that some clubs still had not mastered this simple exercise. PDC Ambika tackled Procedures and Protocol, IIWPBD Joy Sundram told us all about International Inner Wheel, IIWPBD Jessie Wang talked to us about leadership, National Representative Datin Seetha tackled Duties and Responsibilities, District Secretary Shanti talked about the duties and responsibilities of a Club Secretary and the Media Manager gave us a lively session on what is expected of us.

We even managed to exchange banners with Ms Swati Banerjee from the Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Kandivil who came visiting with her son.

We had an excellent lunch arranged by PDC Ambika who went around to made sure that there was enough food at every table.

All in all, we enjoyed tremendously, catching up with old friends and making some new ones.

Thank you.

Empower and Evolve

Peggy Khoo
District Chairman 2018-2019

District Chairman Peggy Lee Beng Choo
District Chairman 2018-2019 (District 330)

District Chairman 2018-2019, District 330, Peggy Lee Beng Choo

It is an honour and privilege to be given the opportunity to lead District 330.  I would like to thank those members who have encouraged me and led me to take this path.  Congratulations are also in order for my committee who would be serving with me.  I am certain that we will be able to work together to achieve this year’s theme which is to empower and evolve.

As I said in my installation speech in Singapore, the District is entering unchartered waters.  Whether it will be a calm journey or a stormy ones remains to be seen.  The world around us is changing whether we like it or not.  We have a new government in place but with an old Prime Minister.  We are living in exciting times.  Who would have thought that the North Korean leader would be not only meeting US President Donald Trump but signing an accord for nuclear disarmament!!

The District is now made up of 19 clubs and with Johor and Malacca joining us we would soon be growing. Of course, there is a lot of hard work before this happens. It is good to grow but extension also includes consolidation of older clubs whose numbers are dwindling.  International Inner Wheel recognizes this fact and has introduced new generation clubs so that Inner Wheel will have younger members who can pump new blood into the club.  However the situation of these new generations are different from ours.  A lot of them would have just started their careers, got married and starting a family.  All of which calls for their attention and time which are in short supply with a full-time job. We have to be patient with them and accept that they have their own ways of running the club and doing projects.

The District has to also think about a new structure for the District AGM as it would not be a joint AGM anymore.  At the last AGM it was also agreed that the District would be organizing a one-day fellowship rally so as to maintain the friendship with District 331.

We must not ever forget the objectives of Inner Wheel which is

  • To Promote True Friendship
  • To Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service
  • To Foster International Understanding

Before I end my message let me give you this quotation about leadership from Lao Tzu

“ I have 3 previous things which I hold fast and prize.
The first is gentleness, the second is frugality,
the third is humility which keeps me from putting myself before others.
Be gentle and you can be bold; be frugal and you can be liberal,
avoid putting yourself before others
and you can become a leader among men.”

Thank you.

Yours in Inner Wheel

Peggy Khoo
District Chairman














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