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Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021. June 2021 Message.



June 2021 message from
District Chairman





From the DC’s Lap

My dear Inner Wheel Sisters of District 330,


Everything that has a beginning - has an end; make your peace with that and all will be well. That said, my term as District Chairman for District 330 for the term 2020-2021 is also coming to an end and it’s time for me to say my thank yous’ and goodbyes’. My term of 12 months went by mostly in various forms of nationwide lockdowns and a series of travel cancellations and disruptions. We survived it, albeit the difficulties and inconveniences, and have plenty to be grateful for!

When I started in July 2020, we were down to 21 clubs (from the previous 22). In a response to IIW President Bina’s clarion call to increase membership and increase number of clubs, District 330 club presidents rose to the occasion and increased the membership from 413 to 455. We also managed to form 3 new clubs and as a result, our membership now stands at 494.

Every club president needs mention here and every club member played their part in doing this and I am extremely proud of all of you. Nevertheless, I would like to thank President Caylize Ong-Sabado of IWC Kuala Lumpur for going that extra mile in initiating the formation of 2 new clubs under the auspices of IWC KL which is IWC Melaka and IWC Damas. I would also like to congratulate President Daisy Rani of IWC Butterworth for initiating IWC Azul. All these clubs have received their charter from IIW and are awaiting installation.

I am extremely grateful to all the Club Presidents, President Tunku Munirah of IWC Alor Setar, President Daisy Rani of IWC Butterworth, President Merlin of IWC Pearl of the Orient, President Mary Anne of IWC Penang, President Sugguna of IWC Taiping, President Catherine of IWC Ipoh, President Jaya of IWC Ipoh East, President Komalam of IWC Ioras Ipoh, President Caylize of IWC Kuala Lumpur, President Diana of IWC KL North, President Pearl of IWC KLCC, President Jasbir of IWC Bangsar, President Leanne of IWC Intan, President Alamelu of IWC Petaling Jaya, President Prema of IWC Selangor, President Indira of IWC Subang, President Karthini of IWC Klang, President Renuha of IWC Kuantan/IM, President Balbir of IWC Seremban, President Sharan of IWC Apsaras, President Sumathi of IWC Johor Bahru for steering your clubs in this troubled times and continuing to do amazing work and projects, serving the communities around you even when the situation is not at all conducive. A big thank you too, to all the District Committee members who played a major role as liaison between the District Executive Committee and club members.
I also welcome President Betty of IWC Melaka, President Yee Ping of IWC Damas and President Nor Ilyani of IWC Azul. Welcome to this wonderful sisterhood and I hope you will do yourselves proud as you head your club.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every club member who welcomed me into their club meetings and into their hearts physically or via zoom and showered me with so much of love and respect. Every club visit was a treat for me and I value the effort, the enthusiasm and the thought that went into them.

My heartfelt gratitude to both my advisors IIW PBD Jessie Wang and Incoming IIW BD Datin Seetha Lakshmi for guiding me and supporting me throughout my tenure as District Chairman. A big thank you to the District 330 Executive Committee members, IPDC Padmini, DVC Shamini, DS Veni, DT Kamala, DISO Sumo, DE Vimala and DEC Juanita Lee, who did such excellent work in their own departments and supported me fully. Truth be told, none of these new clubs would have been possible without the guidance, training and work put in by DEC Juanita Lee and her team. DEC Juanita has indeed outdone herself by putting in enormous effort to achieve the unthinkable in this pandemic times.

My deepest appreciation also goes to incoming IIW Media Manager Cheng Yeok San who went beyond the scope of her duties to help me out wherever necessary. I would also like to acknowledge the contribution and support I received from National Representative Alice Lau, Deputy NR Ambika Menon, District 331 Chairman Gillian Lee and the group of Past District Chairmen of District 330. I could not have done it without all of you. I am so grateful to my home club, IWC Subang members for supporting me and having my back at all times and especially PDC Parimala Satheesan, who never failed to check on me, despite her health challenges. And last but not least, I am eternally grateful to my husband, my boys, my family and friends for standing by me and cheering me on.

To wrap up the 2020-2021 term, I am delighted to report that we checked most of the boxes, did whatever we could under the prevailing conditions and completed the term successfully. To my successor, Datin Shamini Nair, it’s your time to shine. This position is an amazing opportunity to show what you are capable of. Sending you good luck vibes and know that I will be rooting for you!

Turning pages, ending chapters, counting down, and setting suns…

Much luv

Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021. May 2021 Message.



May 2021 message from
District Chairman





From the DC’s Lap

April came with new beginnings. It was celebrations all around with Easter taking the lead, bringing hope, renewal and a new life. It was also the Vedic new year for the Hindu and Sikh communities, marking the beginning of the season with power, vitality and growth. And as seasons change, we also saw the beginning of the 9th month of the Islamic calendar- the holy month of Ramadhan where Muslims around the world perform their one month fast. On the whole it is new beginnings for all; and so let’s trust in the magic and it’s time for me to write my story.

I was so enthusiastic to start the month with my official visit to IWC Petaling Jaya, where I met up with the less than perfect golden girls of PJ. The President, Alamelu Nachiappen and her committee arranged the meeting to be at the Royal Bintang Hotel, The Curve. Attendance was very encouraging and I was hosted very warmly and lovingly by all the members. Needless to say, the dialogues we had were interesting, a new member was inducted, the food was great and the fellowship and companionship amazing! On the whole a very satisfying visit to a club that is doing great service to the community through their involvement in education, early children development and contribution to the differently abled. Thank you, President Alamelu for preparing the booklet marking the 25th anniversary of the club, the gift and the very warm hospitality.

The inter-state travel restrictions are very much in force and therefore I obtained police permits to visit IWC of Seremban and IWC Apsaras in the weekend of mid-April. IWC Seremban presided by Balbir Kaur and ably assisted by permanent Secretary Sharan Kaur is a well-run club despite the challenges faced by the members who are predominantly of the older generation and with various health issues. Nevertheless it was great camaraderie and smiles all around. They had a joint project with the Rotary Club of Senawang whereby cash was donated for the purchase of erythropoietin injections for deserving dialysis patients. Good food and great company! Thank you President Balbir, Sharan and members for the gift and also for facilitating a very good get-together for me.

I took the opportunity to visit IWC Apsaras as well, since I was already in Seremban. The members of IWC Apsaras are in fact of mixed ages and scattered in different parts of the region and I was therefore only able to meet up personally with four members. The others joined us on zoom. This club too, has done remarkably well for themselves despite the various challenges they have been up against due to the pandemic. Thank you Charter President Kamala and President Sharon Tan for coordinating this meeting and accommodating me at such short notice. Thank you also for the gift. I had an absolutely delightful time bonding with the members and it was a successful and fruitful visit.

All other club visits that were scheduled for the end of the month like Butterworth, Penang  and Taiping could not be completed due to travel restrictions. IWC Pearl of The Orient however, decided to meet up with me in KL itself and therefore it was a very cozy and informal meeting with a few of their members at Alexis in Bangsar Shopping Complex. Thank you, Pres Merlin who facilitated this meeting at the spur of the moment. I was absolutely amazed to note that this club has done so many projects including an international project during this term. Kudos to the team. Thank you, ladies, for the fellowship, friendship and the gifts.

Under the auspices of IWC Butterworth and President Daisy, a next generation club has been formed. Two interest meetings with the members were conducted online and finally on the  25th of April, IWC of Azul was born. The club comprises fourteen twenty something year-olds who are smart, intelligent and very resourceful. Pro tem President is Nur Ilyani. The name Azul, which means blue in Spanish, resonates with the official Inner Wheel colour. They have also come up with a logo and a mission-vision statement that is totally in line with IIW principles. DEC Juanita Lee oversaw the entire formation with so much of zeal and enthusiasm and provided the much needed insight, guidance and counsel. She will now send the documentation over to the UK to obtain the charter for this club as well. She has already managed to secure the charter for the other next generation club, IWC Damas, Kuala Lumpur.

DEC Juanita concluded her Leadership & Development modules in the beginning of April with a bang. She had IIW IPP Phyllis Charter to join in the zoom conference, who shared invaluable experience and insight with us. Incoming IIW Media Manager Cheng Yeok San conducted the entire session beautifully.

The highlight of this month must surely be the 18th IIW Convention. This was held virtually and saw a record participation of more than 4,000 participants; the largest gathering of Inner wheel members. The convention was conducted very well and efficiently and saw a blend of business and pleasure alike. All the proposals put forward were debated upon and voted on. The social theme for the next three years was announced -Strong Women, Stronger World. The presidential theme for the 2021-2022 term was also revealed – PINK FIRST. And finally the announcement that the next convention marking the centennial year of IIW will be held in Manchester, United Kingdom; where it all began. Dr Bina Vyas reported on all her Inner Wheel goals for the term and was very happy with the progress of clubs around the world.

The keynote speaker, Ms Maggie Inbamuthiah, during the closing ceremony of the convention said, among a lot of other things, and I quote: a community or a club in our case, is a set of people who come together for a purpose. We may have come together for a purpose but we stay back for the relationships. We stay back for how everyone of us support each other to grow, to work through difficult situations, to help each other with many many challenges that we face.

This statement really resonated with me and as to what belonging to an organisation like ours becomes so very worth it. That having said,

May we face whatever comes with compassion and grace.
May we always remember that what connects us is far stronger than what divides us.
our hearts be strong and
we always remember that no matter what,
we determine how we will move through this world together.
it be with kindness!

Hello MAY

Much love

Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021. April 2021 Message.



April 2021 message from
District Chairman





From the DC’s Lap

My dear Ladies of Inner Wheel District 330,
March was a month of flowers blooming and women shining and we in Inner Wheel were just as vibrant.

International Women’s Day 2021 was celebrated on the 8th of March 2021. The theme for the year is #ChooseToChallenge, keeping in mind that a challenged world is an alert world and that from challenge, comes change! So, let us all choose to challenge all the bias that we encounter day in day after, right from gender bias right up to sexual discrimination and the likes.

Here in District 330, the International Women’s Day was celebrated on the night of 8th March and hosted by IWC of Subang Selangor. It was a two-hour programme and well attended by all members from across the country, as well as guests from District 331. The programme was very well conducted by President Indira Menon of IWC Subang with a good blend of talks, entertainment and IW fellowship. The guest speaker was Professor Dr Suresh Govind who kept all the attendees informed and entertained by his motivational yet humorous and witty delivery. IW ladies were also entertained by dance performances and songs by homegrown talents from various clubs. Congratulations to President Indira and her team for a job well done.

The 3rd District 330 Committee Meeting was conducted on the 20th of March via zoom and also saw good attendance by club delegates and observers alike. Election was carried out for the post of District Editor. Otherwise, nominations for all other positions were returned unopposed and was elected unanimously. Congratulations and best wishes to District Chairman 2021-2022, Datin Shamini Nair, and team. National Representative Alice announced the National Representative and Deputy for 2021-2022 as well. Congratulations to Incoming NR Ambika Menon and Deputy NR Parimala Satheesan. Hoping that your 2021-2022 term will be eventful and successful. My gratitude goes out to PP Cheng Yeok San who facilitated the zoom meet for this virtual District Committee Meeting.

March marks one year since the first corona virus lock-down in Malaysia. Even though the COVID-19 cases are still rampant, there is indeed light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccination programme being very much on its way. It is vaccination for the front liners now, but we live in hope that the programme will soon be extended to all Malaysians and foreigners in Malaysia. The Movement Control Order situation has been relaxed a little with inter district travel being allowed. Hopefully inter-state will soon be allowed and we can enjoy a little bit of normalcy in our lives.

I had two club visits this month. I visited IWC Kuala Lumpur North on the 18th of March at the Royal Selangor Club, Kuala Lumpur. It was smiles all around as I was so glad to be back visiting clubs; and the club members of IWC KL North (who apparently hate virtual meetings) so happy to be able to meet physically. We had a fruitful meeting, induction of a new member, great fellowship and very nice ‘makan’. Thank you, President Diana and all members of KL North for the love and friendship extended to me.

I also visited IWC of Bangsar on the 20th of March at Restaurant Thejo in Petaling Jaya. A project for trafficked women was carried out, induction of a new member, a very intense and fruitful meeting, plenty of discussions regarding ROS matters and the IIW Convention, birthday celebrations, lots of fun and laughter and of course, delicious food that followed. My appreciation to President Jasbir and all members of IWC Bangsar for a very eventful club visit.

Just like the blooming flowers of March, a new club blossomed in our midst in District 330. President Caylize Sabado of IWC Kuala Lumpur, introduced a few young girls who showed interest in Inner Wheel to District Extension Chairman Juanita Lee. After two interest meetings at EC Juanita's residence on 27th February and 13th March respectively, an inaugural meeting was called on 21st March. These young, enthusiastic and fun-loving ladies ages about 22 to 24 years old are either in college, university or working. They have named themselves as the INNER WHEEL CLUB OF DAMAS, KUALA LUMPUR. Friends, we now have a next generation club provisionally formed in District 330.

The name of "Damas" is very apt. In Spanish, it means "ladies". The urban dictionary defined ‘dama’ as a girl who is kind, truthful, loving and fun to talk to. She is also beautiful, attractive, and stands for her rights (women’s rights) as well as equality for both genders.

The documents have been sent to the UK and we currently await charter approval. Congratulations to EC Juanita Lee and her extension team. Thank you to President Caylize and members of IWC Kuala Lumpur for helping and sponsoring this new club. Congratulations and welcome to pro tem President Choo Ee Ping and members of IWC Damas, Kuala Lumpur.

Registration for the IIW Convention closes in a couple of days. Those of you who are interested in attending the virtual convention can still register and I would urge you to do so now. The official programme for the convention is now out on the IIW website. Please note that the Indian Standard Time is 2.5 hours behind us. Convention will be on the 17th & 18th April weekend.

DS Veni has requested all club secretaries to return the Club ExCo and Delegates list for 2021-22. This is a list that needs to be sent to IIW and I therefore urge all secretaries to do so as soon as possible. All club projects and happenings are being religiously reported on the website by DE Vimala and all other matters are going on without any issues. Clubs have reported to have sent out the ballot paper for the election of IIW Vice President and I thank all of you for being diligent. Most clubs have given me a date for my official visit. Those of you who have not done so, please get in touch with me or DS Veni for available dates.

It is a choice we make daily; to choose faith over doubt. Believe good things will happen and they surely will. Here’s hoping April will bring with it much peace, love, joy, passion and purpose into your lives. Thank you for Marching with me; join me in welcoming APRIL.


Much love

Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021. March 2021 Message.



March 2021 message from
District Chairman





My dear ladies of District 330

February has come and gone. It's the shortest month in the year and despite it being so short, I think we had lots happening. We welcomed the Year of the OX on the 12th of Feb. We also had Valentine's Day on the 14th. Incidentally I turned 56 gracefully on Valentine's Day too. But unlike previous years, both these occasions were very low key throughout the world. The Covid 19 pandemic which is still very prevalent everywhere continues to rear its ugly head and we in Malaysia are continuously on lock down. Big Reunion Dinners became small private ones while Valentine's Day and my birthday passed by without much ado!

Nevertheless, I continued to be busy with a host of administrative issues between the Netflix binge watching, stay-at-home binge eating and the host of Zoom meetings. As IIW gets ready to host the IIW Convention virtually in April, we are inundated with numerous issues surrounding it. Instructions are not very clear to start with as they too are not very sure how to go about it. It is the first time for everyone and therefore I too should be forgiving and flexible, I suppose! We have a fair number of registrations for the virtual convention but I do wish we had more participants from our District. Some clubs do not have any representatives to the convention at all.

I remember being hot and bothered and chasing after clubs to email and courier their ballot papers for the National Representative and Deputy NR elections. With lock-down and all, it was definitely a task to get clubs to courier their papers to NR Alice. Postal delays didn't help either. Nevertheless, I do hope clubs remember their rights as members and to be able to cast your vote is one of your biggest rights.

But I was extremely happy when a google form survey to gauge our progress this term was very well received by all the clubs and I managed to get all the 21 responses within just 4 hours. I was also trying to help Dist Editor Vimala to gather material for the 18-19 Newslink issue but must say that I have been extremely unsuccessful. I really wish club members will be a little more cooperative with district officers as we are all trying to get our jobs done.

Election for IIW Vice President has also become an e-ballot this year. We have Covid to thank for this. Clubs can now send their ballot papers via email to IIW. This has saved clubs loads of money and time. I hope all of you have been doing this as the deadline is 31st March 2021.

We have also received nominations for all district positions except for that of district extension chairman. At this point I must admit that I inadvertently left out sending the nomination papers for the post of Webmaster. Since nominations are already closed, the candidates for both those positions will have to be nominated from the floor during the District Committee Meeting in March. Speaking of the Dist Committee Meeting, it is going to be held virtually via Zoom on the 20th of March at 3 pm. I hope we will have a big turnout for this meeting as we will be announcing the lineup for the 21-22 term, NR Alice will be announcing the National Representative and Deputy for 21-22 and we will also be discussing a host of other relevant matters. The meeting id and password will be circulated soon as pre-registration is required, especially for voting delegates.

My home club IWC Subang, is hosting the International Women's Day on the 8th of March via Zoom. Pres Indira Menon is promising an interesting programme and I really hope all of you ladies will make time for this event. It's a short and interesting one. You will find the invitation on our district website as well as on the social media pages.

The pandemic has been affecting people in different ways and clubs around the country have been rising to the occasion and helping out wherever they can. Stories making their rounds on social media include unfortunate medical students who are stuck without being able to complete their studies due to lack of funds right up to juvenile diabetics looking for funds to stay alive. Schools have started as well and back to school projects that are normally done in Dec or January are being done now.

However, in times like this it is easy for us to get demotivated and discouraged. But do ponder on these lines-

When nobody else celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself
When nobody else compliments you, learn to compliment yourself
It's not up to other people to keep you encouraged; its up to YOU!
Encouragement is an inside job and should come from within.

On that note, I bid au revoir! Goodbye February and Hello March.

Much love

Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021. February 2021 Message.



February 2021 message from
District Chairman





My dear ladies of District 330

Wishing all of you A Very Happy New Year 2021 and hope all of you are doing fine. Like most of the world at this time, we continue to face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on our daily lives. I have struggled with feelings of despair and helplessness on many occasions but somehow come back to that very basic one and that is gratitude. Grateful to be healthy, grateful that our lives are somewhat going on, grateful for the love and support from all of you. Thank you.

January came with the usual fireworks, only this time the fireworks could not ignite the flames in our hearts the way it would have every new year. Nevertheless, it was World Inner Wheel Day right in the beginning of the month and we got straight into action. With the continued restrictions announced by the governments, clubs around the world resorted to online meetings, virtual conferences and make-believe activities. We, in the District, had also put on our thinking caps and came up with a webinar for WIW Day featuring our IIW President Dr Bina Vyas. The programme was short and meaningful and Yeok San once again rose to the occasion and conducted a good programme for us. Thank you Yeok San. To all the members who joined me in celebrating WIW Day, I thank you for your support.

This is the year of the IIW Convention and there are resolutions and proposals to be discussed, and voting delegates to be appointed. I held meetings with my advisors as well as the district sub-committee who deliberated on how the District is choosing to vote during the deliberation of the proposals and resolutions. Clubs were also advised on the dos’ and donts’. Even though clubs are given the free rein to vote, most clubs have given me the mandate to vote on their behalf. I thank you for the vote of confidence and the mandate.

Speaking of the IIW convention, I hope all of you will take advantage of this virtual convention of 2021. For the first time ever, the convention is coming to your homes for a fraction of the cost. So please go to the IIW website and register. The early bird deals are still on. Convention organisers are promising a virtual convention like never before.

Under the watchful eye of IPDC Padmini Menon and her committee, the Club Executive Guidelines was updated and uploaded in the website. These guidelines have not been updated since created many, many years ago. Club officers would benefit tremendously from this updated guideline document. Thank you IPDC Padmini and the committee of senior members.

At this juncture, I take great pride in welcoming IWC Melaka into our midst. Extension Chairman Juanita Lee received the charter for IWC Melaka. Congratulations Charter President Betty Ong and members of IWC Melaka. We currently wait for IWC Melaka to be registered with the Registrar of Societies. EC Juanita, her committee and I continue to hold meetings with them to help with the process.

Congratulations are also in order to PP Cheng Yeok San of IWC Ipoh East who is elected IIW Editor/Media Manager for the term 2021-22. The news of her being elected to the international arena is definitely a feather in her cap and our pride and joy. Wishing you all success Yeok San.

While most of my club visits scheduled for January got cancelled, I do remain hopeful to visit all of you in the coming months. If the situation eases up a bit and inter-state travel becomes possible, I would definitely like to complete my visits. Meanwhile, clubs around the country continue their humanitarian work and continue to expand. Congratulations to all of you!

District officers are busy with their respective duties and I would like to thank them for the work they are doing. Every department is bustling with activity.

The nominations for District positions will close on 31st January. At the time of writing, there are still some positions left to be filled and I really hope that members will come forward to occupy these posts.

The DC’s collarette got refurbished, thanks to the generous contribution by all the past district chairmen in our district. We even had excess money and managed to donate some to the District coffers. A big thank you to President Catherine of IWC Ipoh for helping me with this project. The collarette is now shiny and in mint condition.

As we bid goodbye to January and welcome February, I hope we find many reasons to rejoice and be optimistic despite our challenging times. With the new month, comes new strengths and new thoughts. Hello February!

Much love

Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021. January 2021 Message.



January 2021 message from
District Chairman





2020 was a year I didn’t see coming. And what a year it’s been...

As I recollect, the year started off with a bang for me. I had huge plans for my installation, I had grand ideas that I wanted to impart to the clubs, I wanted to be a very hands-on DC, I aspired to attend every installation and function that the clubs organise and so on and so forth.

Then, lo and behold, comes COVID-19 and pulls the carpet from under my feet and steals my thunder. Not just mine, but yours and the whole world’s too...
Instead of being mad at it, I saw it as an opportunity to slow down, count my blessings, to embrace change and truly befitting of our international theme, to lead the change! I found myself being grateful for the little things and very thankful for the opportunities given to me.

It’s been a year like never before. The pandemic has impacted the world in more ways than you can ever imagine. People have lost their loved ones, lost their livelihood and many have had serious implications. Throughout this entire episode that seems to be never ending, I take so much of pride in being able to witness the generosity, camaraderie and resourcefulness of Inner Wheel members throughout the world. I applaud all of you who carried on your good work, raised your voices against injustice, changed with the times and accommodating to all the new normals. And despite the times, it’s very heart-warming to note that we did not lose heart, in fact we rose to the occasion time and time again to continue to make a difference, be it physically, mentally or financially.

That, my dear ladies, wraps up year 2020, fills my heart with so much love for all of you and gives me enormous hope for a brighter tomorrow.

On a much lighter note, December saw me taking a complete break from official Inner Wheel matters. I also managed to spend a few days holidaying with my family, enjoying some sights, sand and sounds of Penang.

However, I do record with great enthusiasm that our very own Datin Seetha lakshmi has been chosen as the Board Director for 2021/22 together with 15 other candidates from around the world. Congratulations Datin Seetha.

As we go into another new year, 2021, we are still going to be inundated with challenging times. Nevertheless, I want you all to take a leap of faith and see it as 365 opportunities to be amazing and another 365 ways to be able to make a difference! It’s not going to be easy but I am confident that it will be worth it!

I wish all of you a great start to 2021 and may we all be blessed abundantly with good health, plenty to laugh about and great relationships.

Happy New Year my dear ladies of District 330.

Much love

Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021. December 2020 Message.



December 2020 message from
District Chairman





My dear ladies of District 330

I bring you greetings from District 330 and hope all of you are faring fine and keeping well amidst this COVID-19 pandemic and the repeated CMCO. November too has come and gone and it brings me joy and contentment that despite the happenings in the country and the world over, you continue to do your bit for the deserving. You truly are the stars!

I started my November with club visits despite the restrictions. Leading the pack was IWC of Kuala Lumpur with a Peranakan theme, honoring President Caylize who belongs to the Baba Nyonya clan of Melaka. Thank you, District Vice-Chairman Shamini for accompanying me on this visit despite it being a working day.

I was told that they were planning on giving me the traditional Peranakan welcome with so much of pomp and grandeur but decided to scale down as we cannot be seen to be organising functions of that nature. But my reception in IWCKL was no less grand and the festivities continued behind closed doors. DEC Juanita hosted the club Executive Committee meeting in her residence followed with a zoom meeting for me to touch base with the rest of over fifty members.

I was feted to a total vegetarian lunch, dondang sayang songs, serenaded by Datin Gerardine and was kept in stitches throughout the time with stories and tales of the pandemic, their project experiences and general stories about everything on the whole. I was particularly thrilled when To’ Puan Lam Lee Pin dedicated a song to me and enthralled me with her wit and charm. Getting to meet the famous Dr Lee Su Kim of The Kebaya Tales fame was indeed my highlight for the day. Thank you, President Caylize and members of IWC Kuala Lumpur for making my official visit very memorable.

I went on to obtain police permit to ‘rentas negeri’ to be with all the three Ipoh based Clubs for their official visit that very weekend itself. It was indeed a marathon session organised by all the three clubs in a famous Indian restaurant in Ipoh called the Maharaj. Needless to say, I felt like the Maharani as the clubs fussed and doted on me, making sure I was comfortable and amply fed as we moved from one meeting to another in the same location but in three different rooms. I was indeed very pleased with my visits and I must thank the three club presidents, Past Pres Hema, Pres Komalam, Pres Catherine and Pres Jaya for making me feel very very welcome. Special mention must be made of Datin Gnana Rajah who went out of her way to organise my visit in such great detail. IWC of Ipoh East also took me to a children’s home where we presented a cheque towards the running of the home. I would like to thank all the members of IWC Ioras, IWC Ipoh and IWC Ipoh East for taking such good care of me and PDC Parimala who accompanied me to Ipoh.

Extension Chairman Juanita, Yeok San and extension committee have had at least 2 of their leadership programmes this month. This is a programme that comprises 5 modules that they have been running every fortnight. Even though the participation has not been that great, I thank all members who have been making an effort to attend these modules religiously every fortnight. I would urge members to attend these workshops as they are beneficial and fun.

November saw Diwali, the festival of lights. Clubs around the country have been doing Diwali cheers and have been very busy doing their part for the community. It was also very heartwarming to see how sister clubs around the country rose to the occasion to heed the call of IWC Seremban by sending donations to help with floods in Seremban. I would also like to congratulate all clubs who donated towards the Lebanon Disaster Fund. District 330 collectively sent RM9600 or USD2290 to them. Thank you to DISO Sumodhini Nair and DT Kamala Yeap for coordinating and seeing this project to completion. I would also like to congratulate and thank DE Vimala for making sure that all news submissions are published on to the District website as soon as she gets it. Clubs have been very happy to see their activities being published on the website.

The month of November also saw the UN Secretary-General’s UNiTE to End Violence against Women campaign, a multi-year effort aimed at preventing and eliminating violence against women and girls, amplifying the call for global action to bridge funding gaps, ensure essential services for survivors of violence during the COVID-19 crisis, focus on prevention, and collection of data that can improve life-saving services for women and girls.

This year’s theme for the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is “Orange the World: Fund, Respond, Prevent, Collect!”. Like in previous years, this year's International Day marked the launch of 16 days of activism that will conclude on 10 December 2020, which is International Human Rights Day. This resulted in many IW clubs organising talk shows, going orange and one club went the extra mile to produce a video on this. Congratulations Pres Daisy and members of IWC of Butterworth for that.

DS Veni has sent out the district nomination papers to all clubs. The deadline for all nominations to come in is by 31st January 2021. Please make use of this opportunity and nominate eligible members of your club to the District.

The charter application together with capitation fees for newbie IWC Melaka was sent to IIW in early November and we now await the charter from them. Work is in progress with ROS registration and all other related matters as well. Meanwhile, members of this club are an enthusiastic bunch, and can often be seen participating in leadership programme zoom sessions.

We have reached the last month of the year ladies, the month of December. A month where we celebrate how far we have come, a month where we reflect on all the things we have learnt, a month where we practice to be grateful for everything — both great and small, remembering that we are not alone in our struggles and believing that some of the best gifts we can give are time, empathy and love! I am leaving all of you on that note and despite the times that we are going through now, I hope that all of you will spread kindness, give generously from your heart, capture as many memories as possible and close this year with a sense of peace, warmth and love for all.


Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021. November 2020 Message.



November 2020 message from
District Chairman





My dear Inner Wheel ladies of District 330

October was supposed to be one of my busiest months in terms of activities and I for one was really looking forward to it. Alas, what I ended up doing was here a Zoom, there a Zoom, everywhere Zoom Zoom! Nevertheless, I am grateful for this technology called Zoom because if not for Zoom, we would not have been able to do so many things during these trying times.

The Extension team headed by EC Juanita organized a Zoom session on Leadership Development featuring PAP Sarita Lunani from Inner Wheel 303 (Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, India) as guest speaker.  This session was well attended and liked by members who loved her easy and relaxed style of speaking, injecting humour and seriousness alongside. Past DE Cheng Yeok San took us through Zoom with such ease and I thank her for her contribution.

Inner Wheel 330 also organised a training session for club office bearers with PNR Datin Seethalakshmi taking the lead. IIWPBD Jessie Wang also provided wisdom and great food for thought through her experience and pragmatic approach in terms of Continuity of Leadership. I also had a slot in this training session where I spoke on ROS matters. On the whole, based on members’ feedback, I think it was a successful training. Datin Dr Sree Kala from IWC of Klang facilitated this zoom session and I thank her for her contribution.

Once again the Extension team, headed by EC Juanita took to the Zoom platform to provide a five module Leadership Development Programme. The plan is to have one workshop every fortnight followed by little take home tests and course work. This was kick started on the 22 October 2020 and will run its course till 17 December 2020, barring any untoward incidences. Thank you, Cheng Yeok San, for once again helping out with this broadcast.

IWC of Klang also organised a Zoom session on Violence Against Women featuring Ms Shoba Aiyer from Rumah Perlindungan Sosial YWCA as the lead speaker. This was also well attended and liked and I thank Datin Dr Sree Kala and IWC of Klang club for facilitating this.

I attended IWC of KLCC’s tenth anniversary and fundraising lunch on 10 October 2020. Datin Pearl Jai Mohan took on the position of President again, for yet another term. The afternoon which was themed “kaftan” saw kaftan clad ladies having a great time.

The social chat group has been busy reporting of many meaningful projects done by clubs all over the district. I would like to congratulate all of you for continuing your diligence in carrying out these projects despite the times and continuing to make a difference in the lives of the unfortunate and the needy. Thank you DE Vimala for making sure that all these happenings are updated and documented in record time.

All my club visits got cancelled due to MCO, CMCO, RMCO and the likes. I was supposed to visit the northern clubs namely, IWC of Alor Setar, IWC of Penang and IWC of Pearl of the Orient, also IWC of KL North and IWC of Petaling Jaya. However, nothing materialised. These days, I find myself reciting the serenity prayer more, to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, the wisdom to see the difference and of course to be able to live one day at a time; accepting hardship as the pathway to peace.

With that said, I was indeed doubly grateful that EC Juanita announced the possibility of starting a new club in Melaka. With the help of President Caylize of IWC Kuala Lumpur who gathered all her Peranakan lady friends to come together to start IWC of Melaka. The extension team comprising of Juanita, Parimala Satheesan and Joan Salleh went through the preliminary interest meetings via Zoom with potential members of Melaka club. And the cherry on the cake for October was definitely our ability to travel to Melaka and conduct the inaugural meeting on the 29 October with Protem President Betty Ong-Kunasegaran taking the lead. Police permits were procured for us to make the trip to Melaka and I am extremely grateful for being able to do that. IWC of Melaka was inaugurated with 15 members in a very controlled environment, taking into consideration strict SOPs. EC Juanita will now work on the charter application for this new club and I take this opportunity in congratulating her and her team for a job well done.

The fundraising for Lebanon and their plight seems to have touched a chord with all clubs in the country with donations coming in from almost every club. DISO Sumodini Nair and DT Kamala, thank you for coordinating this. I believe the deadline is coming up and I hope all those clubs who have intentions of donating but have not donated, will do so ASAP!

Now I welcome November, a month filled with gratitude, which is both thanks and giving! Let it be a November to remember! Ladies, stay safe, stay beautiful and I thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be of service!

Much love

Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021. October 2020 Message.



October 2020 message from
District Chairman





My dear Inner Wheel ladies of District 330

September came and went silently without any major surprises. And the District has been busy doing its administrative work diligently. DS Veni has sent out the eligibility list for National Representative and Deputy National Representative and it's now the clubs’ duty to nominate whom they see fit to carry out that duty to the best of her capacity. Deadline is 31 October and I hope all those clubs who are nominating their candidates will do so immediately and get it out of the way.

DT Kamala has managed to send off the capitation fees for District 330 to IIW in record time. A commendable feat and I would like to congratulate her and all club treasurers who worked very diligently in banking the money in on time. IIW in the past had commented that District 330 had been late in sending out the capitation fees. Well, we avoided that this time around. Kudos to all of you!

I was invited to attend the Extension Committee’s meeting at EC Juanita’s residence and it was a very fruitful meeting with EC Juanita, IIW PBM Datin Joan Salleh and PDC Parimala Satheesan. The extension team has come out with a brochure that can be used to recruit new members and it is very comprehensive and informative. We decided to launch it at the DAGM, which EC Juanita did very well. For new members, she has come up with a document meant as an introduction to Inner Wheel and a training module which will be announced soon. All these can be used by clubs and members in their bid to increase membership for the District.

After months of hard work, the guidelines for district exco was finally launched by IIW PBD Joy Sundram at the DAGM. Thanks to the guidelines editorial team and special thanks to web provider Cheng Yeok San for coming up with the guideline formatted as an interactive booklet linked to online fillable forms.

September is over and I reckon all clubs would have completed their AGM. I would like to remind clubs to make their annual returns to the Registrar of Societies on time. Those of you who are behind time with your submission, kindly make the effort to catch up and make it current. Your submission should read 2019 on the top of your submission slip.

Inner Wheel Club of Selangor had their installation and my official club visit on 20th Sept. I was feted to a sumptuous buffet lunch at the Serendib, Kuala Lumpur. President Prema Sivasubramaniam is the incumbent and I thank her for coming forward to take on the coveted position. I have always said this and I maintain that taking positions teach you so much. We were not born with all those skill sets but once we take on these positions, we learn on-the-job and rise to the occasion. Thank you IWC Selangor for your warm hospitality, your attention to detail in conducting the meeting and for keeping excellent records.

The 40th District AGM was held on the 26 September at the Kelab Golf Perkhidmatan Awam in Kuala Lumpur, with Deputy National Representative Ambika Menon as our guest of honour. The event was very ably organised by DVC Shamini Nair, who doubled up as the emcee on that day. We had about 155 participants in attendance and I thank all of you for taking the time and the effort to attend.

Congratulations and kudos to the organising team of the 40th District AGM. It was a smooth flow of events right from the opening ceremony (thank you PDE Linda Lim) to the various talks by: (1) Dr Murali of National Cancer Society, (2) Couturier Bill Keith who had the audience in stitches with his natural way of owning the crowd, and (3) EC Juanita’s talk on extension work. We also had at least 10 booths selling various wares from masks, kebayas to sarees, jewellery to carpets and food items. It was shopping galore. Despite the scare of COVID-19 cases being on the rise, our ladies were in a festive mood.

The business part of the AGM was conducted in the afternoon and that too went on very smoothly but a huge thunderstorm at about 4pm made everyone wind up operations. On the whole, it was a successful event and I would like to go on record to thank all the donors, who donated either in cash or kind, who donated time and energy, our children who helped with the setting of the computer, photographs and the music, and staff and workers of KGPA — all of whom, collectively contributed to the success of this event.

On a serious note, I will be sending out the plea for help from our Inner Wheel sisters in Lebanon. Kindly go through the brochure and get in touch with DISO Sumo Nair who will coordinate this project.

October is all about CHANGE. One reason why people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up, instead of what they have to gain. Let’s embrace CHANGE and lead it. I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.

Stay safe, stay beautiful.

Love & Friendship
Shanti Menon

Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021. September 2020 Message.



September 2020 message from
District Chairman







Greetings Ladies,

August has come and gone and surprisingly the District 330 has not been awfully busy but just dusting the surface, and getting its act together for Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September.

The venue has been identified, the date has been fixed and the programme drawn out. It’s going to be a relaxed and fun-filled day for all we ladies to just come, attend to business of the day, soak in the fun and frolic and just enjoy each other’s company. We have booths with interesting things for sale, we have a talk show with the talented local designer Bill Keith and nice door gifts for you. So please do attend the AGM. 

I have also managed to deliver all the face masks to all members who have ordered. I hope all of you love it as much as we loved creating it.

I had one club visit and an installation to attend in Kuantan, which I did with District Vice-Chairman Shamini. Congratulations is in order to President Renuha Ratnasingam of IWC Kuantan/Indera Mahkota for taking up position this term and I know that you will steer your club well. We also enjoyed IWC Kuantan’s warm hospitality, their delicious food (thank you PP Viji Nair) and the general reception. My sincere gratitude to each and every one of you! IWC Kuantan - you charmed me!

District Treasurer Kamala and I have been making trips to the bank to get the formalities done. DT Kamala has also been extremely busy collecting district dues and keeping every club treasurer on her toes. District Secretary Veni must have been the busiest of us all as she is in the midst of compiling documents for the annual report and generally getting everything in order for the AGM. 

District Editor Vimala has been doing an excellent job updating the website in record time. Kudos to her and web provider Cheng Yeok San for a job well done!

District Extension Chairman Juanita and her team are busy producing a pamphlet to encourage fresh membership. I know that all of you are going to be excited to use these pamphlets in your own extension work. This will be launched on AGM day.

Another launch on AGM day would be the District Guidelines. IPDC Padmini Menon with guidance from our own stalwarts Joy Sundram, Jessie Wang and Joan Salleh has managed to update the guidelines for district positions to suit with current requirements. Once again web provider Yeok San has managed to make this document so user friendly and I am sure it’s going to be well received.

I hope all of you are doing well and busy with your club activities and projects. Do take all the necessary precautions as we are not out of the woods yet, in fact, we have seen a sudden spike in fresh COVID cases. 

Please encourage each other to visit our District website and check out what’s new and interesting. I trust you will call me or anyone in the District if you need any assistance or if you have any queries.

Stay healthy, stay safe and stay beautiful. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service.

Hello September, surprise me...

Shanti Menon
District Chairman 2020-2021
Inner Wheel District 330, Malaysia 

Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021



August 2020 message from
District Chairman







Greetings Ladies,

Welcome to the month of August. It’s been a month since my team and I have been in office. And we have been busy. But busy is good, especially since we are still in the period of partial lockdown with limited travel, closed borders and social distancing.

I have attended two installation gatherings in July, witnessing two brand new presidents - President Daisy of IWC Butterworth and President Indira Menon of IWC Subang taking office. Many other clubs have had their installation in very low key handover sessions. Whichever way you have chosen to do it, its fine! It’s a beautiful sensation and transported me back to my earlier days when I became club president. That top of the world feeling rivals none! May your enthusiasm never fade, may you soar high and may your clubs flourish under your guidance and watchful eyes! Congratulations to all the new Presidents.

A good Inner Wheel sister planned a lunch for me to meet up with Malaysian designer Bill Keith. Bill Keith, who has always been a friend of Inner Wheel District 330, a philanthropist and a benevolent soul, was his normal charming self and related stories of the pandemic period to lockdown to preparing of PPEs for our frontliners. Amazing feat, amazing person and I am happy to work with him on a ‘Charity starts with a Mask’, Covid preventive, Inner Wheel branding initiative. The response by the Inner Wheel Clubs, though not astounding, has been encouraging and we have managed to get this initiative going.

The month of July also saw me busy preparing for the official matters to come. Visit to the bank to change signatories, almost everyday chats with District Executive Committee members just to update each other on the happenings, preparing for our first Executive Committee meeting and various other formalities. Not forgetting the calls from club presidents to either touch base with me or just clear some doubts. Your calls are important to me and it keeps me connected to all of you.

I also participated in a Friendship Day zoom video conference under the invitation of District 325 India. Past Association President Prabha Raghunandan engaged with officers from South Asian countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Malaysia. All our ISOs were also encouraged to participate in this very exciting and vibrant programme. Thank you DISO Sumo Nair for coordinating this.

Another very exciting project that we took on in the month of July was to organise a Zoom webinar in joint collaboration with District 331. Tedious, painstaking effort to get this project off the ground but it was well worth it! My deepest appreciation to web provider and host Cheng Yeok San for facilitating this webinar. IIW President Dr Bina Vyas graced this webinar with not just her presence, but her charm, simplicity and her unmistakable ‘I mean business’ attitude! It was a marathon afternoon that extended to the evening and I trust it was worth everyone’s while. A lot of you attended this webinar and I thank you for the support and I hope you have become a lot more knowledgeable regarding Inner Wheel and that Dr Bina has managed to fuel your enthusiasm and spirit. I hope all club presidents have taken note of President Bina’s goals and targets for this year and let us help her materialise it!

Our first Executive Committee meeting was also conducted successfully and I thank District Vice-Chairman Shamini for opening her home to us for this purpose. Not forgetting the warm hospitality and the delicious food.

Official Club visits have been planned for me and I will be doing my first official visit in a few days’ time. I am extremely excited about this and can’t wait to start visits to clubs and to meet all of you in person.

Meanwhile stay happy, stay safe and stay beautiful. I thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

Shanti Menon
District Chairman 2020-2021
Inner Wheel District 330, Malaysia 

Mrs Shanti Menon, District Chairman 2020-2021


Welcome Message from
District Chairman






Greetings Ladies,

1st July marks yet another Inner Wheel term and I am honored and grateful to be given the mandate to be the 40th District Chairman for District 330. My gratitude goes out to my home club IWC of Subang for supporting me and all the clubs in the district for having confidence in that decision. I would also like to thank PDC Parimala Satheesan for having introduced me to the world of Inner Wheel, encouraged, groomed and supported me in my entire journey of ten years.

A group of very talented ladies join me as I start my journey as the DC and I thank them for their valuable time and willingness to serve in my team. Datin Shamini Nair is the Vice Chairman, Kamala Yeap is the Treasurer, Veni Ramachandran is the Secretary, Sumo Nair Is International Service Organiser, Vimala Pillai is Editor and PNR Juanita Lee is Extension Chairman. Mrs Alice Lau from District 331 is the National Representative for this term. I am also extremely grateful to IIWPBD Jessie Wang and PNR Datin Seetha Lakshmi for agreeing to be my advisors for this term 2020-21. The term that passed under the able leadership of IPDC Padmini Menon was very eventful and I thank her for the invaluable experiences. It was indeed a year of learning and unlearning for me.

We all know that the world is facing unprecedented times. As we tread cautiously into our new Inner Wheel term, I invite all of you to join me to 'Lead The Change'. Times like this call for unprecedented actions. Let's lead the change by being a little kinder, being more compassionate, accepting and adapting to new norms, choosing to skill up and to learn. While we wait for the world to make itself right, let's not retreat into distraction and isolation but choose to progress and flourish as we still have goals and dreams that we need to fulfill. Even though physical meetings and doing big scale projects might be difficult, let's remember that not everything achievable needs our physical presence in it. Sometimes, all it takes is the willingness to be a part of it! Let's lead the change in adapting to this!

The District's goals for the term are in line with the International Inner Wheel project which is Caring For Women & Girls. This has been an ongoing international project for the last two years and this term would be the last year. I would like clubs to have at least one project this term which focuses on this objective. It's a subject close to all our hearts and we do this on a regular basis. It's something that has no beginning and definitely no end. Shout out to all of you who are constantly trying to build other women, those of you who are encouraging women to just love themselves or just helping women to fight for something more.

I have always been a firm believer that we as women have it in us to empower the ones who need to be uplifted. With that in mind, I urge you ladies to empower at least one girl/woman in your community. And as RW Emerson said, if one life has breathed easier because you lived in this earth, is a sign of successful living!

As we go on into the Inner Wheel year, the District will be keeping in close contact with all of you. I hope you feel free to pick up the phone or text me whenever you need to clear any doubts, share with me some activities in your club and community or to just say Hello! We have plans of conducting training sessions with all of you and also aim to have a gathering whenever it is deemed safe. District officers will be contacting you from time to time and I hope you will cooperate with them and give them the information and documents they need. The District will also from time to time give you directions on the practices that might be unique to 2020 and the stand we are taking on various issues.

Meanwhile, stay safe, accept the new normal and be in peace with it all! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be of service.

Shanti Menon
District Chairman 2020-2021
Inner Wheel District 330


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