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For the 2021-2022 term, District 330 will be issuing a tri-monthly newsletter, aptly titled, A TOUCH OF PINK, in keeping with the theme of PINK FIRST. This newsletter will contain interesting articles and stories, mostly related to the main focus areas of Inner Wheel, i.e., Health, Education, Opportunity and Empowerment. The District Editor welcomes unpublished articles from all Clubs to ensure the continuity of this newsletter. Please click to download the issue and read. Enjoy!

A touch of pink. District 330 Newsletter No. 1

A touch of pink. District 330 Newsletter No. 2



Message from
District Chairman 2021-2022
Shamini Nair


DC Shamini Nair's 3rd Message


I would like to begin my address with a poem:

“…..I no longer have the patience
to stand absurd people who,
despite their chronological age,
have not grown up.

My time is too short:
I want the essence,
my spirit is in a hurry.
I do not have much candy
in the package anymore.

I want to live next to humans,
very realistic people who know
how to laugh at their mistakes and
who are not inflated by their own triumphs
and who take responsibility for their actions.
In this way, human dignity is defended
and we live in truth and honesty.
It is the essentials that make life useful.

I want to surround myself with people
who know how to touch the hearts of those whom hard strokes of life
have learned to grow, with sweet touches of the soul.

Yes, I'm in a hurry.
I'm in a hurry to live with the intensity that only maturity can give.
I do not intend to waste any of the remaining desserts.
I am sure they will be exquisite,
much more than those eaten so far.

My goal is to reach the end satisfied
and at peace with my loved ones and my conscience.
We have two lives
and the second begins when you realize you have only one.”

(excerpt of a poem “My Soul Has A Hat” from the Internet)
This is a poem I keep on my phone, and ever so often, I go back to it and read it as a reminder that this is my ONE life. Let us live our life to the best of our ability.

So much has happened since my last message. Inner Wheel Clubs have been busy fostering friendships with Sister Clubs locally and overseas. My Club ISOs are definitely the busiest members with Zoom Meets of all kinds. My District Editor and District Webmaster have come up with some interesting training programmes, and the websites of both District and IIW, as well as Facebook and Instagram, are literally bursting at the seams with news of Club and District activities like never before. Clubs are continuing to go the extra mile to help the marginalised, and it is so heart-warming that the forthcoming Festival of Lights will not be so bleak for the many families that the Clubs have generously donated to. As Clubs continue to focus on women through charitable acts, webinars and fellowship, I know that District 330 is right on target in evincing that Pink is not just a colour.

We had our 41st AGM which I must say went well despite it not being a physical meeting. Hopefully, we will be able to meet for our District Committee Meeting scheduled for March 2022.

Well my Dear Sisters, we still have a long way to go before the curtains come down on our Inner Wheel year of 2021-2022 . As I always say during my Club visits, District 330 is here should anyone of you need us.

My ExCo and I would like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a very Happy and Blessed Deepavali. This Festival signifies the victory of good over evil and I look forward to the time when we, working together, can triumph over this virus which has wreaked so much hardship on all our lives.

Thank you my dear Sisters.

Shamini Nair

Datin Shamini Nair, District Chairman 2021-22

Message from
District Chairman 2021-2022
Shamini Nair



Dear Friends

Wow! Two months have gone by and we are already in the month of September.

Pandemic and lockdowns it may be, but Busy is what the last two months have been. I have witnessed Installations, Clubs helping those in dire need, Zoom talks on various topics, the forging of virtual international friendships and Zoom training for Presidents and Vice Presidents, Club Correspondents and International Service Organizers. All the training sessions have gone down so well, with Club Correspondents moving on to a refresher course on what Inner Wheel is all about, the Constitution and registration requirements, and the ISOs gaining invaluable insights into the fascinating world of Zoom and its many features. Training programmes have brought in almost full numbers. At the first sessions, encouraging numbers saw 18 Presidents together with their Vice Presidents, while it was 21 Club Correspondents and 21 ISOs at their respective sessions. A blessing in disguise during this pandemic has been that members are now focused on the need to be more IT-savvy, congruent with the need to be able to do almost everything virtually. I am also so proud of all the Clubs who have not allowed COVID-19 to dampen their spirit of giving to those in need of a warm meal, provisions and face masks. Thank you Ladies for always being there for those who need us. To me, PINK symbolises hope, love and empathy in a pandemic-ravaged world.

I was indeed thrilled to learn that one of our two young generation Clubs, IWC of Azul, mentored by IWC of Butterworth, was finally given the green light by the Registrar of Societies. I thank Immediate Past President Daisy, IPDC Shanti Menon and District Extension Organiser Peggy Khoo, for their untiring efforts in making this much awaited event a reality. Heartiest congratulations and welcome President Nor Ilyani and her young and enthusiastic members.

The highlight of my term thus far is that of the Margarette Golding Award conferred on our very own PP Girija Menon from IWC of Petaling Jaya. From the time I joined Inner Wheel, I recall seeing her as the Star of skits or musicals that IWCPJ puts up for any function we have. She is a very selfless person and so worthy and deserving of the award. Thank you PP Giri for everything you do for the children.

I have also lined up my Club Visits via Zoom and look forward to each one of them. Virtual visits may not be the best way, but to me, I can get to see everyone from the comfort of their homes.

Moving forward, our 41st AGM has been set for 25 September 2021, with all likelihood of it being a virtual one. I do hope all Club delegates and observers have pencilled in the date on their calendars and give their full support.

Blessed is what I am with such a dynamic ExCo. The team has been burning the midnight oil and rising before the rooster crows; I know this because my phone beeps in messages as early as 5.30 am. It thrills me that they are just as excited as I to serve in District 330 and will be the driving force that ensures we continue to forge ahead in spite of the numerous control restrictions. My ExCo is my Legacy and I am sure that by the end of my term, we will succeed in giving District 330 greater visibility and a plump position on the Inner Wheel map. The proverbial “There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’, is ringing loud and clear, as together, we rise above the relentless pandemic and move closer to attaining the goal of ‘WOMEN HELPING WOMEN’ and in the process, to building a stronger world.

Well Ladies, that’s all for now. Thank you all once again for having faith in my ExCo and me to do our best for all of you.

“One of the most beautiful qualities of True Friendship is to Understand and to be Understood”
~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca

With Love and thinking PINK FIRST,

Datin Shamini Nair, District Chairman 2021-2022


Inaugural Message from
District Chairman





“They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that. Don't be beautiful. Be angry, be intelligent, be witty, be klutzy, be interesting, be funny, be adventurous, be crazy, be talented -- there is an entire eternity of other things to be other than beautiful. And what is beautiful anyway, but a set of letters strung together to make a word? Be your own definition of amazing, always. That is so much more important than anything beautiful, ever” ~ Nikita Gill


Warm greetings to my Charming Friends of District 330

The theme for 2021-2022 is PINK FIRST

and this is what it means:

PINK FIRST- is about us - the strong, the confident, the amazing, the ambitious, the dedicated, the committed, the courageous, the knowledgeable, the kind hearted, the doting, the dynamic. These are just a few words to describe the women we are. Let us spend not only this year but every year after this putting Women First. Let us plan and carry out projects to empower women. If we do not look out for us, then no one will. The very reason Inner Wheel was founded is for us to be there for each other. Let us lift each other up instead of pulling each other down.

A few words about my District ExCo - they epitomise the definition of women empowerment and so much more! I could not have asked for a better team even if I had hand-picked them myself. My deepest appreciation to:

  • Immediate Past District Chairman, Shanti Menon (IWC Subang Selangor)
  • District Vice-Chairman, PP Krishnaveni Mutthiah (IWC Klang)
  • District Secretary, PP Kamala Yeap (IWC Apsaras)
  • District Treasurer, PP Vimalavathi (IWC Ipoh East)
  • District Editor, PP Padmini Pillai (IWC Alor Setar)
  • District Webmaster, PP Lucy Barrock (IWC Butterworth)
  • District International Service Organiser, PP Datin Pathma (IWC Kuantan/Indera Mahkota)
  • District Extension Organiser, PDC Peggy Khoo (IWC Kuala Lumpur)

I truly look forward to working with them during my year.  Although each and every one of them is instrumental to the success of Inner Wheel year 2021-2022, I would not be doing justice if I do not make special mention of a few key people who have been responsible for what I am today in Inner Wheel.

IPDC Shanti Menon is more than just my friend in Inner Wheel. Serving in her year as her Vice-Chairman has been a delight and an eye-opening experience, if you will. She will always be the calm to my storm. As one of my trusty advisors, I know she will guide and drive me on the right path. Thank you for being there for me always.

Our National Representative, Mrs Ambika Menon, is my mentor. I started in the District as her ISO. Just being a part of her team has taught me so much. I have always looked up to her and knowing that she is the NR during my term to guide me makes me so happy and blessed. Congratulations to NR Ambika Menon.

Another privilege I have as DC is having a friend I have known since 1992. Datin Seetha is the International Inner Wheel Board Director for the year 2021-2022. I truly cannot think of a better person to represent us on the Board and I am confident she will do all she can to take Inner Wheel to greater heights of excellence.  Congratulations Datin Seetha. You are someone I will be turning to often and I am confident your help and guidance will help me execute my year successfully.

Heartfelt congratulations are also due to PDC Parimala Satheesan for being elected as Deputy National Representative and to PP Cheng Yeok San from Inner wheel Club of Ipoh East for being elected as IIW Editor/Media Manager 2021-2022.

My Dear Friends, I would like to thank each and every one of you for having the confidence in me, especially my home club, Inner Wheel Club of Selangor. I accept this post with utmost humility and graciousness. I promise to carry out my duties to the best of my ability. Being District Chairman to me is just a title. I am still Shamini to each one of you and will always be. Please feel free to reach out and I assure you of my undivided attention and support.

Take care and stay safe.

Yours in Inner Wheel Friendship
Shamini Nair

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