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(updated 01 November 2023)

District 330’s AGM and Gala Friendship Night

Inner Wheel District 330 with Chairman Kamala A. Yeap at the helm held its forty-third Annual General Meeting and friendship gathering at Eastin Hotel in Petaling Jaya through the evening of 22nd September till the afternoon of 23rd September 2023. The arrangement was designed so attendees would not have to sacrifice too much of their family time over the weekend. Measures were also taken to accommodate those delegates who could not attend to be replaced by clubs, so they would not be deprived of their voting rights.

The friendship gathering titled ‘Shine like a Diamond’ held in the late evening of Friday 22nd was without a particular colour or period theme to allow members freedom of choice with their attire and accessories. Care was taken to ensure sumptuous meals for all regardless of their dietary preferences, and a talented singer who entertained with ballads from yesteryears was engaged for the whole night.

As per tradition, Past District Chairmen were given the honour of cutting a cake but on this occasion, they had a second cake catering to vegetarians to cut as well. Inner Wheel members present, looked on fondly at these ladies who had taken the trouble to attend the fellowship, in true Inner Wheel friendship despite health conditions and advanced years. They were joined by the current District Chairmen Kamala, District Chairman Cecilia of Inner Wheel District 331, and the National Representative of both Districts, Datin Dr Ramani Subramaniam.

A few clubs also participated in the entertainment with energetic yet graceful dance routines. IWC Alor Setar had the brilliant idea to bring along their dance instructor who demonstrated some classical dance steps and had many of the ladies enthusiastically participating in a group performance with him leading as a rather personable ‘thorn among the roses’.

Among the one hundred-odd revellers were guests, President Gladys Muhumuza of IWC Kamapala Central, Uganda, who came at the invitation of Past President and ISO Viji Kishen of IWC Taiping; also District 331’s Chairman Cecilia Amid, Treasurer Gina Yaakub and the Club Secretary of IWC Kota Kinabalu, Margaret Michael Awang. Many Clubs took the opportunity to exchange bannerettes with the visitors.

There was enthusiastic participation in a party game organised by DISO Jasbir Sarjit’s team of ISOs and conducted by District Treasurer Meeta Chahal. The winners from the table ‘Rara’ were jubilant in their celebration of victory and soon sporting the aventurine bracelets they had won.

The photo-taking, dancing and merry-making continued but ended before midnight. The delegates from outstation needed a rest and everyone was mindful of the fact that they had to have a head start the next day as the AGM was scheduled to begin at 9 a.m.

Breakfast was an early affair for participants as everyone rushed to the venue to register at the desk manned by the District Chairman’s club, IWC Apsaras. A practise run of the roll-call of clubs was led by District Vice Chairman Vimalavathi Thayaman Pillai as District Webmaster Jaya Ranjitham Samuel guided the official photographer.

The Roll Call of clubs was done by District Secretary Jillian and as always was a sight to behold as three members from each of the clubs marched in alphabetical order with their name placards and rostrum banners which were then displayed on prepared stands at the front of the hall, this time round.

All nineteen clubs were present for this occasion and all protocols of International Inner Wheel were adhered to. The Friendship Candle was lit by IIW Past Representative To’ Puan Lam Lee Pin (MGA) who went on to lead the recitation of the Friendship poem.

The AGM business was preceded by a talk by Clinical psychologist Mahisha Naidu on eating disorders which is in line with the current focus of International Inner Wheel on Mental Health Awareness. It was well-received gauging from the Q&A session that followed and elicited much enthusiastic response from participants.

The AGM per se was lively as always, with delegates enthusiastically raising questions which were ably handled by the District Committee of 2022-23 led by Immediate Past District Chairman Krishnaveni Mutthiah. The all-important accounts as well as clubs’ reports and the District Executive Committee’s reports were passed as expected. The resolutions which had been tabled were discussed and those that were deemed suitable for adoption were passed by a show of hands.

As soon as the AGM came to its conclusion, those staying in the hotel went to check out of their rooms and organise themselves for their journey home. All were treated to a buffet lunch and the fellowship continued until it was time to depart and spend the rest of the weekend with friends and family.

It was a successful AGM by all accounts and the District Committee heaved a collective sigh of relief before going their separate ways. Plans are already afoot to be ever more diligent and dedicated to tasks at the next District gathering in line with the saying, ‘The devil is in the details’.

~ Lucy Barrock, District Editor


22-23 Sep 2023. District 330 43rd Annual General Meeting. Business Session.

22-23 Sep 2023. District 330 43rd Annual General Meeting. Friendship Night.

22-23 Sep 2023. District 330 43rd Annual General Meeting. Banner Parade.



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