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(updated 14 October 2022)

42nd Annual General Meeting of District 330

The 42nd District Annual General Meeting (DAGM) of Inner Wheel District 330 held on Saturday, 24th September 2022 at Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur, was a much-awaited event as members were meeting one another at a District Meeting after a hiatus of two years. The Executive Committee (Exco) with District Chairman (DC) Krishnaveni Mutthiah at the helm, decided to not only have the DAGM but also Training for Club-Officers and an unforgettable Friendship Night with a Rainbow theme all on the same day. The Exco met several times to fine-tune the process of hosting all three events and ensuring that participants had an unforgettable time.

Attendees from outstation started checking-in at the hotel the day before the event, mindful of the fact that the DAGM was to start in the morning. Many of them took time out to practice for the performances they were putting up for the Friendship Night while Exco members spruced up their slide presentations for the training. District Editor (DE) Jillian Estrop worked until the wee-hours with the hotel’s tech-support team and the appointed DJ to facilitate a smooth flow of slides for all three events.

Many members volunteered their time particularly the DC’s home club, the Inner Wheel Club (IWC) of Klang who registered attendees as they walked in. IWC Kuala Lumpur’s lovely and helpful team organised the orderly march-past during the Roll-call of Clubs as they have done all these years.

Registration started at 8.30 am and members were seen greeting one another effusively as they recognized their friends. It was also a poignant reminder that they were fine and well after the COVID-19 pandemic which saw many lives lost of friends and families of members. Exco members, Club delegates, Club officers and Observers mingled easily with one another. Many were meeting familiar faces seen hitherto only online, for the first time, which added to the camaraderie as they had breakfast together and browsed at the sales booths.

Master of Ceremonies, DE Jillian, called the gathering to order punctually and Organising Chairman, Immediate Past District Chairman (IPDC) Datin Shamini Nair gave her Opening Address and thanked members profusely for their presence. The Roll Call of Clubs started after Vice Chairman Kamala Yeap and DE Jillian Estrop walked in with the District Banner. District Secretary Saraswathy Veloo called out clubs’ names in alphabetical order as members proudly walked in, bearing their club banners. Soon, all attendees were seated and Club Banners were neatly arranged on stands at the sides and back of the function room.

Inner Wheel protocols were strictly adhered to and all were upstanding when the National Anthem was played which was followed by the loyal toasts to His Majesty the King of Malaysia by Past District Chairman Shanti Menon and to His Royal Highness the Sultan of Selangor by International Inner Wheel Past Board Director Datin Seetha Lakshmi. The toast to International Inner Wheel was carried out by Deputy National Representative of Districts 330 and 331, Datin Dr Ramani Subramaniam who went on to light the Candle of Friendship which was followed by the reciting of the Friendship Poem.

DC Krishnaveni then delivered her Welcome Address which ended with her declaring open the 42nd DAGM with the reverberating sound of the gavel striking the bell to much enthusiastic applause. The meeting was lively with active participation from delegates on discussions about the challenges faced due to the pandemic lock-downs which affected handovers and paperwork at District and Club levels. The procedures adapted at the EGM on 3rd September 2022 to replace two Exco members who resigned were also raised and discussed.

The District Exco for the previous term of 2021-2022 helmed by IPDC Datin Shamini also had their Reports passed as were the all-important audited District accounts. It was announced that a new Auditor had been identified. Complaints and Suggestions were noted for future reference and the DAGM was concluded in a dignified manner as always.

Delegates and other attendees continued with fellowship over a sumptuous buffet lunch. Some stayed back to attend the training for Club Officers which was next on the agenda. The District Exco led by Advisor and Training Coordinator Datin Seetha Lakshmi as well as DC Krishnaveni managed to keep attendees engaged for two hours in the afternoon in the plush airconditioned room after lunch with the help of attractive slide presentations. Once Training was completed, the ladies either went back to their hotel rooms or rushed home, to change into evening-wear.

The Rainbow theme celebrated on the backdrop was also evident in the bright hues of members’ party-attire. While the colours brought much cheer, it was actually the radiant faces and friendly smiles that stole the show. Dinner was delicious but the focus was on enjoying amongst friends from sister-clubs all over the district. DE Jillian was a brilliant emcee and the DJ didn’t disappoint either.

The performances by various clubs showed amazing talent. Prizes were given away to the best performers and the best dressed ladies.

A Cake to celebrate the gathering was cut by DC Krishnaveni and all attending Past District Chairmen. Everyone then let their hair down and let the music take over. The dance floor was crowded out as members jived to the catchy beat of music mostly from the disco-era. The District Committee, was delighted to have surpassed its targeted number of participants for DAGM, Training and Fellowship. It was a memorable day indeed, capped by an unforgettable evening and photographs of the event were plastered all over social media as members posted their memories. Though Club-level fellowships are indeed popular, Inter-Club meet ups are enjoyed even more by Inner Wheel members.

~ Lucy Barrock, District Webmaster


24 Sep 2022. District 330 42nd Annual General Meeting. Roll Call.

24 Sep 2022. District 330 42nd Annual General Meeting. Business Session.

24 Sep 2022. District 330 42nd Annual General Meeting. Training


District 330. 42nd Annual General Meeting. Friendship Nite.


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