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Krishnaveni Mutthiah, District Chairman 2021-2022


Welcome Message from
District Chairman



Warm Greetings to all the wonderful sisters of District 330!

It is an honour and privilege to be given the opportunity to lead District 330 as the 42nd District Chairman.

As we tend to begin this new Inner Wheel Year, I would like to extend my heartiest congratulations to all District Executives, Club Presidents and Executive Committee members on their appointments and wish all of you every success.

I would like to thank my home club IWC Klang for their support and all the clubs within the district for having confidence in that decision. I would also like to thank PDC Datin Sakunthalai who introduced me to the world of Inner Wheel. My gratitude goes out to IIWPBD Datin Seetha who has encouraged, groomed and supported me throughout my entire 18-year journey. Not forgetting NR Parimala who welcomed me into the District for the very first time as District Editor and from whom I learned a lot and twice as District Secretary under the leadership of PDC Sakunthalai and PDC Shanti. I’m also grateful to IIWPBD Datin Seetha for agreeing to be my advisor.

My deepest appreciation goes to my talented District EXCO, who came forward to serve the district with me.

  • Immediate Past District Chairman, Shamini Nair (IWC Selangor)
  • District Vice Chairman, Kamala Yeap (IWC Asparas)
  • District Secretary, Saraswathy Veloo (IWC Klang)
  • District Treasurer, Vimalavathi Thayaman Pillai (IWC Ipoh East)
  • District ISO, Catherine Govindaraju (IWC Kuala Lumpur City Centre)
  • District Editor, Jillian Estrop (IWC Penang)
  • District Webmaster, Lucy Barrock (IWC Butterworth)
  • District Extension Chairman, Peggy Lee (IWC Kuala Lumpur)

I’m looking forward to work wonders with all of you.

The District goals have remained consistent for the past two terms with the International Inner Wheel project which is “STRONG WOMEN STRONGER WORLD” and the International Inner Wheel President Zenaida Farcon has chosen a beautiful theme of ‘’WORK WONDERS’’ for her 2022/23 term. We women have the ability to Involve, Inspire and Illuminate Inner Wheel to Work Wonders. Let us leverage on our collective energy, passion and desire to change lives for the better. Together we will work efficiently and productively to touch many hearts and be a gift to the community and the world at large.

My dear friends, the District officials will contact you from time to time for documents or information and please do cooperate with them and do work together with the district. Please do not hesitate to call me whenever you need to clarify your doubts.

The pandemic has made our lives more digital for the past two years, and I’m hoping for the best that I’ll have my physical DC visits this year. We have plans to conduct training sessions with all the Clubs office bearers.

Let us continue to uphold the Ideals of Inner Wheel. STRONG WOMEN WILL WORK WONDERS TO BUILD A STRONGER WORLD!

Never worry about numbers,
Help one person at a time and always
Start with the person nearest you
----- Mother Theresa -----

Yours In Inner Wheel Friendship,


District Chairman 2022-23

Inner Wheel District 330, 2022-2023 lineup


International Inner Wheel theme 2022-23: WORK WONDERS

International Inner Wheel
Theme 2022-2023


Krishnaveni Mutthiah

Kamala A Yeap

Shamini Nair

Saraswathy Veloo

Anurathe Ganapathy

Datin Pearl Jai Mohan

Catherine Govindaraju

Jillian Estrop

Lucy Barrock

of Districts 330 and 331

Parimala Satheesan

Datin Dr Ramani Subramaniam


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