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•Who's Who in IIW
Constitution and Handbook 2021
•Charter Application
•Margarette Golding Award Application
•Membership Form
•Nominations and Elections Form
•Form for submission of articles
•Branding Guidelines
•Publication Protocols
•IIW and theme logos (in eps, pdf, psd, jpg)
•Leaflets and brochures
•Templates of posters, wall banners, pullup banners
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IIW Website

Inner Wheel District 330 Constitution, ratified by Registrar of Societies Malaysia on 17 Feb 2020  — pdf 506KB

Perakuan Pendaftaran Daerah Inner Wheel 330 — jpg 1.86MB

Guidelines for Club Exco

GUIDELINES FOR CLUB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE (Dec 2020) — pdf 522KB (Click on the links in this booklet to download forms.)

District Guideslines for District Committee (Oct 2020)

(Click on the links in this booklet to download forms.)

Nominations and election of NR, Deputy NR and IIW posts

Nominations and election of NR, Deputy NR and IIW posts.
(Click on the links at the end of this pdf to download sample documents.)

Welcome To New Member MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT Brochure pdf 317KB
Welcome To New Member "WELCOME TO NEW MEMBER" — Word doc 30KB

Candle of Friendship

"CANDLE OF FRIENDSHIP" — Word doc 27KB (or pdf)

How To Send Material To District Editor

(a) District 330 Publications Guideline pdf 216KB.
(b) News template for submitting articles (MSWord docx).
Please adhere to the Inner Wheel Branding Guidelines on the IIW Members Portal.


Membership form

MEMBERSHIP FORM:  To be filled by the Club Treasurer when a new member is accepted to join in her Inner Wheel Club. One copy is to be filed by the Club Secretary after the Club President's sign off; and one copy is to be submitted to District Treasurer together with the membership fee(s) - pdf 507KB


Membership Transfer Form

MEMBERSHIP TRANSFER Form: To be filled and forwarded to the Club Secretary of the receiving club with a copy to the District Secretary of the originating and receiving Districts. Transfers are effected only when both Clubs agree, and permission is obtained from the District Committees. Once effected, Club Secretaries and District Secretaries are to follow through with reconciliation of figures. See IIW Constitution & Handbook 2012, pg 5. Acrobat pdf version (627KB). or MSWord 97-2003 version (1.07MB)


The Inner Wheel Companion

The INNER WHEEL COMPANION. A handbook for a quick reference to Inner Wheel information. Sep 2022 Edition for Inner Wheel District 330 and District 331. The Inner Wheel Companion 8th Ed. (pdf, 3.5MB)


Inner Wheel District 330 Workshop

District 330 WORKSHOP 2014 on Inner Wheel held on 17 May 2014 (Saturday) in Petaling Jaya:

  1. Structure of Inner Wheel by IIWBD Joy Sundram
  2. Effective Inner Wheel Member by PIIWBD Jessie Wang
  3. Membership & Meeting Procedures by PDC Uma Rani
28 Jul 2018. District 330 Training

28 Jul 2018. ANNUAL TRAINING of Inner Wheel Clubs

  1. Overview of IW (Joy Sundram)
    IIW database, how to use (Joy Sundram)
  2. Effective IW Leadership (Jessie Wang)
  3. Club Protocol & Decorum (Ambika Menon)
  4. Club & District Communications for Club Secretaries (Shanti Menon)
  5. Website Requirements (Cheng Yeok San)
    Sample of Events (Cheng Yeok San)
    Guidelines for submission to DE (Dr Bahma)
    IIW Publishing Protocol 2017-18 (Dr Bahma)
  6. Duties of Club Officers (Seetha Lakshmi)
    Club Executive Guidelines (Mar 2008)
  7. Registrar of Societies (Parimala Satheesan)
28 Jul 2018. District 330 Training

15 Jun 2019. District 330 2019/2020 KICK-OFF

The District started off the Inner Wheel 2019-2020 with a Kick-off meet involving Club Officers' Training Workshop & District Exco Installation on 15 June 2019 at Bandar Sri Damansara Club. Program: 8.30am to 3pm - Club Officers' Training Workshop (at Saga Room) followed at 7pm by District 330 Installation (at Restaurant Seafood SD, at the same venue).

  1. from District Editor Dr Bahma Sivasubramaniam.
  2. from Rotary Club of Bukit Kiara Sunrise about the Rotary Education Fund Mentoring Programme for District Chairman Padmini's InnerWheel Care & Education Program (ICE)
    (a) powerpoint presentation (18+MB)
    (b) video (12MB)
  3. from District ISO Saraswathy Veloo (powerpoint)
  4. from Vice-Chairman Shanti Menon:
    (a) Club Protocol and Decorum (MS Word)
    (b) Registrar of Societies and Bylaws (powerpoint)
  5. from National Representative Datin Seetha Lakshmi: The Structure of Inner Wheel. Powerpoint 5.3MB
  6. from District Chairman Padmini Menon: Vision 2019-2020. Powerpoint 7.9MB


Newslink is an annual bulletin for members of Clubs in Inner Wheel District 330. Please enquire wih your Club Correspondent or contact District Editor Jillian Estrop at

Issue: 2022-2023 (23MB)

Issue: 2021-2022 (8.7MB)

Issue: 2020-2021 (6MB)

Issue: 2019-2020 (5.9MB)

Issue: 2018-2019 (11.7MB)

Issue: 2017-2018 (5.2MB)

Issue: 2016-2017 (11.5MB)

Issue: 2015-2016 (10.7MB)

Issue: 2014-2015 (11.5MB)

Issue: 2013-2014 (6.5MB)

Issue: 2012-2013 (8.8MB)
Joint publication of Districts 330 and 331.

Issue: June 2012 (3.29MB)

Issue: June 2011 (4.30MB)

Issue: June 2010 (2.80MB)

Issue: June 2009 (2.27MB)

Issue: August 2008 (3.04MB)

Issue: June 2007 (3.05MB)

Issue: December 2006 (3.94MB)

Issue: June 2006 (3.54MB)

Issue: June 2004 (5.1MB)